Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CSBOOTH19 R.I.P. Reborn in Play.

ToySoul is going to happen next friday in Hong Kong, is going to be a 3 days event 19-21. This bring back the old days of Toycon back. ML is supporting this annual event by showcasing his CSBOOTH19 during the 3 days. Image that ML posted was the pink shadow of his suppose to be S.F.J.J. character, but looking at the head top design it doesn't like is James Jarvis anymore. That design is ML himself. Anyways..time will tell what he bring to us to seal this 2014. 

Haven't actively to update my site, but yes I'm still collecting and having fun with my baby girl. For myself, been planning to create something for my own, to draw more. Well, talk is cheap, just do it. My daughter was an energy to fuel me up to do this. Anyways, will post more in my site when is ready. Cheers.