Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CSBOOTH18 Gardener Still

Forgive me of not posting as much as I want it to, for me family always come first. Anyways, I'm sure many of you already ordered the Garden(palm)er. But don't think this would be the last from crazysmiles for 2013. CSBOOTH finally is coming back again and this time is called "gardener still". So most likely will release something that related to Gardener. This time CSBOOTH is not going to host at ML gallery but at store called "GUMGUMGUM". ML designed their logo.

I will be heading back to Hong Kong with my family, the little girl need to know her daddy root. Sadly that I will be leaving HK on the 13th, totally missed CSBOOTH again...yes..again. 

Looking at this poster, the orange line...I would say a "Orange tail". What can this remind you of..."BB"~?!? and the eyes in the middle. Some say is 12" BB.....but again "Time will Tell".