Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sorry for not posting that much lately, being a father is hardly having my own personal time now. Anyways, I got some e-mail ask if I know anything about how to purchase the Garden(palm)er for overseas collectors. Make sure don't buy from eBay or any after market yet. Because at the back of the Garden(palm)er flyers it said all other region the sales will handle from A Good Company Ltd. A Good Company will set up their online store especially for Garden(palm)er at the end of September for overseas collectors to purchase. So just stay tune at

Hands in factory : Running Horns.

I first notice the works of Running Horns designed by Uptempo and modeling by RocKOON since last year May, and immediately I wanna share with my fellow collector friends.

They are part of the Coolrain Studio, and at first they released their hand made figures from the Running Horns series. For this year TTF they finally debut their 7" vinyl of the BABY HORNS 1st release, consist of the 3 characters from the series "Mighty Horns, Fire Horns and AD.VEXX". They are limited to 500pcs of each. For sure we will see the 2nd release soon. You can get them at Hands in Factory online store, a set of 3 priced at $150 or individual figure for $52 plus shipping. 

Running Horns are my new favorites, and Uptempo and RocKOON are nice guys as well. Can't wait to see more Running Horns hand made and the 2nd release.

MinI ZoO No.6 "TimE GoeS By, ToyS NevEr DiE."

Banana Virus, knew him since we both like Michael Lau. Anyhow, back then he already start doing his own hand made works. I do like his Loic bear designs, and I finally did pull the trigger to purchased his Loic Bear that he worked with INSTINCTOY. Like the size and also the multi dimension to the figure. Also received a white hand casted Loic from Virus, I call this little guy "less is more" MinI ZoO. 

Coolrain - Bubba Chuck trigonal edition.

Is a bit late to post this, but Coolrain share this with me. He hand made 20 pcs of this Bubba Chuck (Allen Iverson) figures for Bait exclusively sell at SDCC. I always like to see progress on a hand made figures. So thanks to CR for sharing this. The trigonal edition head sculpt does give the head more dimension. Again, CR hand made the outfit, and the Snake Question Mid sneakers. If you still interested in this hand made figures, I spot them over at they still got the grey and trigonal edition available, but since is hand made so is going to pricy.