Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sorry for not posting as much as I would, life is busy at my end. Anyways, I'm sure most of you should saw images of this Garden(palm)er all over the net. 

The debut of the Garden(palm)er is just created a shock to most of the Michael Lau collectors out there. Is not 1/6 but a palm size, honestly is make sense to release in such size and price range. Not everyone have a gallery size home to display over 100 1/6 figures. During TTF already start taking pre-order, but still no words for international collectors on how to order. We can expect the release of 3 seasons starting from quarter 4th of 2013 til early 2014. 

This project is expected to last until 2017 to release all garden(palm)er. Each set containing 9 figures, and each figure come with a mystery parts to assemble the 10th character. The pre order price during TTF was 14580TWD, that's about $490 USD. We'll have to wait for more ordering info, hopefully we can order it directly from crazysmiles.com