Saturday, May 25, 2013

ARTOY "since michael lau" 12" Tatto Black.

This is the ARTOY "since michael lau" Korea exhibition exclusive release 12" Tatto Black limited to 99 pcs. It is a statue make by polystone and very glossy and heavy. It does capture all the details on the hand made Tatto. To most ML collector, 12" gardener is like a holy grail an ultimate collection. To turn it into a statue is make sense and it give it an art form to it. Still no words will this statue release in another variants or not, but time will tell....

ARTOY exhibition program and admission ticket.

Package is just a simple carton box with ML signed and numbered,
it also came with a pack of gardener cards.

High gross black.

sneakers details.

The pants got some textures on it.

The chain is there.