Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gardener BB available online.

For those that wouldn't attend the CSBOOTH18 that just happened last weekend in Hong Kong. Here is your chance to get both Orange BB and Black BB at Gum Gum Gum. Priced at $379US each included shipping by air. Go get it while it last......

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CSBOOTH18 Gardener Still

Forgive me of not posting as much as I want it to, for me family always come first. Anyways, I'm sure many of you already ordered the Garden(palm)er. But don't think this would be the last from crazysmiles for 2013. CSBOOTH finally is coming back again and this time is called "gardener still". So most likely will release something that related to Gardener. This time CSBOOTH is not going to host at ML gallery but at store called "GUMGUMGUM". ML designed their logo.

I will be heading back to Hong Kong with my family, the little girl need to know her daddy root. Sadly that I will be leaving HK on the 13th, totally missed CSBOOTH again...yes..again. 

Looking at this poster, the orange line...I would say a "Orange tail". What can this remind you of..."BB"~?!? and the eyes in the middle. Some say is 12" BB.....but again "Time will Tell".

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FOML - Fans of Michael Lau.

My buddy Brandon from Taiwan started a project called FoML. He will interview Michael Lau collectors around the globe. So when he ask me to help him out, for me is not even a questions. But seriously I haven't took that many pictures since my baby girl was born. This is for you B. Go check out his site over at I'm the 1st one for the FoML, there will be a part 2 coming soon to show my collection display space.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Sorry for not posting that much lately, being a father is hardly having my own personal time now. Anyways, I got some e-mail ask if I know anything about how to purchase the Garden(palm)er for overseas collectors. Make sure don't buy from eBay or any after market yet. Because at the back of the Garden(palm)er flyers it said all other region the sales will handle from A Good Company Ltd. A Good Company will set up their online store especially for Garden(palm)er at the end of September for overseas collectors to purchase. So just stay tune at

Hands in factory : Running Horns.

I first notice the works of Running Horns designed by Uptempo and modeling by RocKOON since last year May, and immediately I wanna share with my fellow collector friends.

They are part of the Coolrain Studio, and at first they released their hand made figures from the Running Horns series. For this year TTF they finally debut their 7" vinyl of the BABY HORNS 1st release, consist of the 3 characters from the series "Mighty Horns, Fire Horns and AD.VEXX". They are limited to 500pcs of each. For sure we will see the 2nd release soon. You can get them at Hands in Factory online store, a set of 3 priced at $150 or individual figure for $52 plus shipping. 

Running Horns are my new favorites, and Uptempo and RocKOON are nice guys as well. Can't wait to see more Running Horns hand made and the 2nd release.

MinI ZoO No.6 "TimE GoeS By, ToyS NevEr DiE."

Banana Virus, knew him since we both like Michael Lau. Anyhow, back then he already start doing his own hand made works. I do like his Loic bear designs, and I finally did pull the trigger to purchased his Loic Bear that he worked with INSTINCTOY. Like the size and also the multi dimension to the figure. Also received a white hand casted Loic from Virus, I call this little guy "less is more" MinI ZoO. 

Coolrain - Bubba Chuck trigonal edition.

Is a bit late to post this, but Coolrain share this with me. He hand made 20 pcs of this Bubba Chuck (Allen Iverson) figures for Bait exclusively sell at SDCC. I always like to see progress on a hand made figures. So thanks to CR for sharing this. The trigonal edition head sculpt does give the head more dimension. Again, CR hand made the outfit, and the Snake Question Mid sneakers. If you still interested in this hand made figures, I spot them over at they still got the grey and trigonal edition available, but since is hand made so is going to pricy. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sorry for not posting as much as I would, life is busy at my end. Anyways, I'm sure most of you should saw images of this Garden(palm)er all over the net. 

The debut of the Garden(palm)er is just created a shock to most of the Michael Lau collectors out there. Is not 1/6 but a palm size, honestly is make sense to release in such size and price range. Not everyone have a gallery size home to display over 100 1/6 figures. During TTF already start taking pre-order, but still no words for international collectors on how to order. We can expect the release of 3 seasons starting from quarter 4th of 2013 til early 2014. 

This project is expected to last until 2017 to release all garden(palm)er. Each set containing 9 figures, and each figure come with a mystery parts to assemble the 10th character. The pre order price during TTF was 14580TWD, that's about $490 USD. We'll have to wait for more ordering info, hopefully we can order it directly from

Thursday, June 06, 2013


ML released an image of his up coming new series "garden(palm)er". Look like the product is going to be produced by How2Work, and is set for SEPT 2013-2017. September is the birth month for Gardener and til 2017, so is that mean we going to see 5 seasons total of 50 pcs? Anyways, time will tell....

Saturday, May 25, 2013

ARTOY "since michael lau" 12" Tatto Black.

This is the ARTOY "since michael lau" Korea exhibition exclusive release 12" Tatto Black limited to 99 pcs. It is a statue make by polystone and very glossy and heavy. It does capture all the details on the hand made Tatto. To most ML collector, 12" gardener is like a holy grail an ultimate collection. To turn it into a statue is make sense and it give it an art form to it. Still no words will this statue release in another variants or not, but time will tell....

Friday, May 24, 2013

Garden(palm)er season one.

Look at the TTF admission tickets design it has a ML design ticket. From the pass TTF, the admission ticket is usually design by the artists that will show case at TTF. Look like ML is going to release a new series at the up coming Taipei Toys Festival from July 11-14. 

If this is true then this will be his first time ever ML is going to TTF. The  admission ticket design is a gardener and it show "garden(palm)er". Guessing is going to be a new series that is palm size?? Season 1 Contain 10 characters from the Gardener, with a bonus 01 character "Young Tatto". Is that mean more season to come? With the amount of gardener...this going to be over 10 seasons.Time will tell......

Thursday, May 23, 2013

crazytoyzLIFE nominated for Designer Toy Awards.

It come to my attention that I got an e-mail from DTA that my humble little toy blog got nominated for "Best Toy Blog". There are plenty toys blog out there who does a better job then on reporting NEWS in a daily routine, or even take it like a full time job. So for crazytoyzLIFE can get nominated is already a great feeling for me, at least is more like a recognition on what I do and am glad to see it be nominated among all the others great blog.

As some of you know that I am a father since last year July, my daughter is now 10 months old. The most happiest feeling for me now is to hold on to my daughter and walk into my toys room. She smile at the toys and I'm sure she love what she see. I first start off crazytoyz : forum 9 years ago since 2005 and then the blog. The blog gave me a platform to know many peoples around the world that share the same interest like me. Some of my friends even are father now as well. We all grow up, but one things hasn't change is we still collect and love for designer toys.

I didn't stop collecting as most of my friend who became father, they start selling their collection and stopped this hobby. For me, I just can't stop, I can be more selective but I can't stop.

Anyways, click here to vote for -- VOTE crazytoyzLIFE.

Took some random shots last night...

Monday, January 14, 2013

AR+OY - new gardener.

This new gardener that ML added to the series when I look at it, it remind me of the statue of David. Haha..did he got the inspiration from that. The one that start it all. The other two new gardener Max, U-Know is base on a Korean pop group. The new sculpture like gardener look interesting tho...


Been busy with my baby girl, so haven't update as often as I want it to, anyhow, still collecting tho. This post is about the new up coming gardener exhibition in Seoul. Dig that slogan a lot..."Since Michael Lau"....

The last Gardener exhibition was back in 2011 crazy x'mas in Hong Kong. Here he come again with his Gardener in Korea, Seoul from 8 Feb - 14 Apr 2013 at 1/F, Sejong Center Exhibit Hall. This time the exhibition called "AR+OY - Since Michael Lau". Obviously he is the pioneer that started all this urban vinyl toys. In the poster bottom line there are new gardener added to the series, crazy michael, U Know, Max and at the center a newly gardener. Can't wait to see more pictures when the exhibition started, and of course collector are awaiting news about any exhibit exclusive figures. There will be a exhibition exclusive figures going to release for this event. Still don't know what is going to be.......