Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coolrain X Nike - The puppet master Andrés Iniesta.

Got this from CR about this crossover work for Nike England and Aardman studio. I'm sure some of you guys already saw this on facebook. This is a Nike Commercial of call it "The Puppet Master Andrés Iniesta". Featuring CR designed figure of Andrés Iniesta. The commercial can also on FC Barcelona page.

THE ILLUSION of DEPRESSING LOVE first prototype previews.

Received this images from Alan @Fools Paradise, a new crossover project with ZCWO called "Fools Fantasy". This piece is going to call "THE ILLUSION OF DEPRESSING LOVE." This is going to be a 1/4 two pieces statues. Alan took the Star Wars theme into this piece again, featuring DaLowFool & Keiko. The story behind this piece is about Keiko is illusion herself expressing her true feeling of LOVE at the moment when she die, to represent nowaday peoples hide their true feeling. 

Price and addition size is still not available yet, this prototype is not even finish all the details and need to rush to the STGCC to showcase it. Pre-order will start in Oct or early. Support this line if you like it, otherwise this line will not be continue.

Resting Place.

Last Friday I bet everyone is spending their 1 hour of life F5 the kawsone web page. Again same thing happened when the first dissected companion release, it delay an hour. The site is running better than before, at least I can successfully check out, versus before the page go all blank when I try to check out. 

Been clear out my collection these day, sell the one that I don't feel it anymore. And also purchase some new pieces. Many of my friends asked me how's life with a baby girl, well..Is tough for the first month but it is different. My life is changed but all for the good. At least I'm still collecting, but just have to be more selective and sell some toys out to make room.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Coolrain X Nike : Relive The Dream.

Another crossover project between Coolrain and Nike. This time the exhibition is called "Relive The Dream". There are three figures going to be showcase in this exhibition, a figures of LeBron james, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant wearing team USA Olympic uniforms. And of course their 1/6 hand make sneakers. Kobe wearing Zoom Kobe system VII, LeBron wearing Hyper Dunk, Kevin is wearing Zoom KD IV. Coolrain did all the head sculpt and modify the figure body and sculpted a new pair of hand for the figure. At last those figures are just one off, so not for sales. More images after the jump....