Monday, July 16, 2012

coolrainz - 0709.

Thanks to my great friend Coolrain of this great gift, that he turned me into a 1/6 figures by adding me into the coolrainz. Am glad can be part of the coolrainz series, a series that he turned his friends into 1/6 figures. Now I can truly join together with the rest of the figures. It is a special feeling to see this figure standing in the cabinet.

Being friend with Coolrain for a long time when he is still an animator, at that time he still have time to chat with me on MSN. Now Coolrain formed his own studio and dedicate full time to continue his figure arts and of course his twins. A very very busy man now, and passionate on what he is doing. Now we e-mail each other once in a while to stay in touch, but the friendship is forever.

For this CRZ-0709 he did captured my face and also some of the details on me. Also, is 7th years already for this site. This week I will going into another chapter of my life, my daughter will be coming to this wonderful world. Thanks again CR for this wonderful gift the one and only CRZ-0709.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Michael Lau - The Madhatter Project.

Here is the color version of the Madhatter by ML, as expected is a colorful character just like the character from the movie Alice in Wonderland. Still no word on when will be release and how many version we'll see, but do look interesting tho.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Michael Lau - The Madhatter Project.

Check out The Madhatter from Michael Lau. Is still just a teaser of the white vinyl sample. Is going to be one colorful figure, if ML will color it exactly the same as the Madhatter in Alice in Wonderland.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fools Paradise - KeikoTroopers.

Up for pre-order at Fools Paradise is the new resin figure. This time Keiko turned herself into a troopers, don't know what she is thinking!! lol Like how Alan twisted the trooper head, like the letter "K" on Keiko hand. Again, is not vinyl toy but is a hand painted resin statue. Again the hand is connected by magnet. Again all of the Fools Paradise figures are make by order with only few extras. Pre-order now and figure ready to ship in October. Pre-order period will last for a month. And also stay tune for more.....because as some of you expected already..there might be a KeikoVader...shhh...

SML x Michael Lau.

Finally the SML restaurant vinyl "SML Baby" designed by Michael Lau is released with the promotion for the restaurant in Hong Kong. The release is 3 colors variants of Green, Pink and Black. There is giant fiberglass figure designed by Michael Lau outside of the SML restaurant since opening. 

The green one name "Samson" and is already released since June, the Pink "Mindy" will release on July 6 following will be the Black "Lun". Each figure cost $520 HKG, or spend over $350 at the restaurant to get a scratch and win card to have chance to win the figure. each package box doesn have ML written the colorway and the edition number on it. Whoever want one might need to be in HK or ask a friend to help out.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Michael Lau - The Madhatter Project.

Mindstyle does announced The Madhatter project back in 2009 base on the Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland movie from Disney. The project consist 4 artists and they are Gary Baseman, Ron English, Mike Shinoda and Michael Lau. ML just posted a sketch of The Madhatter, so first thing come to my mind is this related to this project?! Anyways, it is still fresh news about this Madhatter, still don't know is going to be vinyl or 1/6. The sketch face is ML himself. Let's hope is not related to Mindstyle, cuz the last figure Godfather Horse Head, is such a disappointment of releasing in 10 colorways. One good figure one version is good enough.......