Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy to see that Mr. Takeji Nagakawa saw the pictures that I took for my 2ft. tall Matoi Douji. Saw his post in his blog and the pictures that he took for Matoi Douji. Now I'm convince that this is truly a one off piece. Because the left leg does have the line that is not align, same as the one that I have. Close to spring or early summer he will have another exhibition I believe, let's see by that time what new works Take-G will be showing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

6" X 2 Original NY FAT.

Suddenly being available on limited to 199 pcs. Priced at $999HKD + shipping. It is a 12" tall vinyl, only different this time is has a movable arms, that's look a lot better than the previous release. Color way is in the original color same as the 12" gardener NY FAT also the 6" vinyl release back in 2003. But why not create another new gardener characters in 6"X2? More images after the jump......