Monday, March 19, 2012

Coolrain studio...

This is how a studio should look like.....I like it messy..and I like it how things are everywhere. Here is Coolrain's Studio. Did any of you received the Wood Pithecuse yet?? Let me know what you think about that handmade figure.

Cacooca handmade - Downjacket Panda...

My friend Cacooca a Beijing base figure artist finally is releasing his first handmade figures internationally. The panda has been his signature figures of course not to mention the figures that he designed for Li-Ning. I met him in Beijing before and he did talk about how the commercial mass produce figure didn't turn out the way he want it to. Now with this Downjacket Panda he will go back to his root handmade 30 pcs and will not produce in this colorway anymore. Figure come with numbered cert. and a wood box. If you wanna try something new, you might wanna check out Cacooca works.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gardener 108 - ZEX.

I make my purchase for this ZEX while I'm in China. It took 5 days to sold out all 300 pcs of the figures. It doesn't matter how limit it long as you love the piece. If every ML works can be purchase via then it will be awesome. Look like something will be ready for us again in MARCH. See that broken heart it said "I Love ZEX Sold Out, See you in March 2012" 

A little fun fact about ZEX is that his penis has a joint that allow it point any direction, 6:30 or 12:00 direction no problem at all.