Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gardener 108 - ZEX.

Just landed in Hong Kong and upon opening up facebook saw these new images of Gardener 108 ZEX. The vinyl form does capture action man figure body element same as the 12". Still no words if there will be more gardener vinyl will be release on the Mar 1 - 11. ZEX is priced at $848 HKD ($110 US) + Shipping. Price for 6" gardener vinyl is gone up so much, compare to before priced at $500 HKD for a 6" gardener vinyl. The bear is not going to be part of the 108 ZEX package, let's see if ML will sell this seperately. Still have to give credit to ML that now finally international collectors can purchase his works through his web site.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coolrain x seman 10cm : Pithecuse wood pattern ver.

Received e-mail and the chat room here ask about when CR will ship the Pithecuse Wood pattern statue. Got a message from CR that this hand made statues is going to finished next week, so collectors that waiting patiently the answer to you is that the statue will be coming to you soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gardener 108 - ZEX.

Received news from crazysmiles. Look like ML is not going to stop the 6" vinyl Gardener series. Starting from March 1 - 11 collectors around the world can order this Gardener 108 - ZEX through crazysmiles site. 

ZEX come with extra hands, necklace and a vinyl penxx (u know what!). Price and edition size still not available. I wonder will this be the only figure that are going to be available?? Because usually during previous CSBOOTH when releasing gardener vinyl, most of the time ML release more than one characters or a special version. We'll see...

Thursday, February 09, 2012


For those that ordered the wood pithecuse statue from coolrain, hang in there as each statues is hand casted and painted. Also the wood box. Just hang on! Here are the new 12" that CR did for the Design Toy Exhibition Vol.2 at Design Square (Feb 2 - Feb 15). Also, another shot of his workshop....notice the wall a leborn James design. The figure will be available as NBA series 2 and also in 20" format.

Friday, February 03, 2012

crazy ZEX year!

Look like ML is going to have another round of release this month. Still not sure if is web release like last time for the CCKING or will it be an event hosted at his gallery. But one thing for sure is look like going to related to Terry Richardson. We first saw a life size Terry Richardson figure in his exhibition "from Rio to Hong Kong" back in 2007. Then again in 2009 Gardener 10th exhibition in LA as Gardener 108 ZEX 12" figure. What will it be this vinyl form or in 12" format?! Time will tell.

Thursday, February 02, 2012


January been away for business, went to London and spend some great quality time with my wife there. Enjoy checking out street art in London specially brick Lane. Missed the KAWS partners figures release, probably will get back later when the hype die down. End of February going back to Asia for work again. 2012 gotta be a good one.