Thursday, December 29, 2011

Take-G Toys.

Knew about Take-G Toys since 2007. Takeji (Take-G) Nakagawa is the artist behind Take-G. He held an exhibition every year, and this is the only chance for collectors to see or purchase his hand crafted wood works. He usually make more for the small pieces, but the large pieces he only make 1 or 2 pieces. His work is not just a normal wood sculpture, but is the traditional Japan the Hakone-Odawara region is famous for this traditional handcraft. Each piece is using different type of wood glue them together first, and then sculpt it to create the different wood tone effect, not a single drop of paint used on each piece.

This year the exhibition was held at his home and studio in Nagano, I'm so happy that I would be able to finally purchased his works and reviewed every piece at the exhibition. The piece that I got it is called "Matoi Douji", it stand about 2 ft. The piece is constructed by about over 7 pieces. There is a little guy and a chicken plane I choose to go with "Matoi Douji". This small piece stand about 6" tall, and it usually make more. But for big piece like "Matoi Douji", it will be just one off piece from the exhibition. Mr. Nakagawa usually make 2 pieces for the big one, he will keep one for future exhibition to show. This is a piece to end the year of 2011 for me. (more images after the jump...)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X'mas.....

Wish everyone a Merry X'mas..!! The King is messing around my X'mas sock by the fire place...!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amoebahood - Dynamicduo 10th anniversary.

Just received this Dynamicduo figures and the signed CD from my friend Coolrain . Both figures is Chiza and Gaeko from the Dynamicduo. Each figure around 4.5" tall come with a dynamite, sunglasses and hat. You can still order them through CharacterM. Individual blind boxed figure at $29 each. There is a golden figure mixed into the blind box. Good luck.... As for their album, DynamicDuo music is more to the hip hop beat type. So is cool to listen to in car.

Monday, December 19, 2011


For CCKING throne, the design concept is the throne assemble by crazychildren figure boxes and 12" crazymichael boxes. There are crazychildren series 1-3 boxes with the cut shadow of the characters. Any of you remember which CC is missing in the series 2? Yes, CC18, although the figure might not see the light, but ML does leave his shadow on the throne, so he is still part of the series 2.....and will it be ever going to release..?? Looking at the shadow..look like is a character that posing upside down...

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

I haven't take pictures of the items that I received for a very very long time. Busy on my normal everyday life, travel aboard for work. Anyways, will do it for few pieces that I received into my collection. 

The CCKING just landed to my home, the carton box is huge, the figure mouth is a cool design for the figure, you can actually create different expression for the KING. Not just tongue but also can see uvula. The throne is make by vinyl and is huge. Wouldn't find a thing to complaint about, only thing is that I want the white small end up with the black.  So anyone out there wanna trade your white to my black....let me know.

Enough of the BS, let's just check out the images that I took for this piece. For those that still wanna to get the figure, you can still do it over at crazysmiles.  

Tons of images after the jump...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coarse's casting shadows pain - Soul & Signature edition.

Just received this info. from coarse about their last release for this year. For coarse their PAIN edition is usually what coarse collector are aiming for. Now for the Casting Shadow Pain will come in two edition. Soul and Signature edition, with some different in both versions from the package to the figure. More info after the jump.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fools Paradise - Da LowFool.

Fools Paradise usually release the resin figures then the 12" handmade figure. This time for LowFool is different, we first got the handmade and then now the giant 15" tall over 10" wide resin figure. Again, the joints are connected by magnet, the initial design for this figure was a lion helmet hidden Lowfool face, but Alan think is better to just stick with the giant lion head. Da LowFool is on pre-order now at Fool Paradise priced at $299 US with shipping. Figure is ready to ship in April 2012. Edition size is base on the order received, will probably know after the pre-order stop. More images after the jump.....

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Amoebahood - Dynamicduo 10th anniversary.

Just received images from Coolrain of this Amoebahood exhibition photos. For those can't attend the exhibition here is images of the exhibition. Enjoy!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

After 3 months of wait time the CC KING is finally start shipping from Dec 12. Recently Apple daily newspaper in Hong Kong visited Michael Lau new gallery in HK. Check out during 0:18 there is a new sculpt beside the crazymichael vinyl.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Amoebahood - Dynamicduo 10th anniversary.

Korean hiphop group, Dynamic Duo is celebrating its 10th anniversary with various special project and performances.

One of the highlights is the Dynamic Duo, the exhibition in SangSang Plaza from the 25th NOV to the 4th Dec. It will focus and show their history of 10 years with different sectors of artists participating.

Fans will have the rare chance to see Amoebahood figures composed of Dynamic Duo special 7 characters. For this projects, figure artist Coolrain, Visual art, members own paintings collaborated together. Also hiphop designer GFX, photo artist Choi, Jae Won and art director Kim, Dae Hong joined.

In the exhibition, they will show and sell "Amoebahood", a blind box of limited Edition.Amoebahood will include gaeko, choiza(Dynamic Duo members), Musician team Supreme Team of Amoebaculture, Primary(producer), its trademark Horse, and Gorilla with secret box format.

And one special Golden secret figure, if anyone who discover this one, Dynamic Duo is going to give surprise performance event for him or her only.

And Special 100pcs wood case for exhibition include special cd, casette tape and 7 amoebahood characters and so on...

Order the special 100pcs wood case Dynamicduo for $335 US. Check out the content and order at coolrainz. Order the Amoebahood blind box figure here for $27 US each or $289 US for a box of 12 pcs.

Sites related :

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brothersfree 10th anniversary exhibition.

This is the event that I hope I can attend if I can goto HK, the exhibition mark the 10th anniversary for the Brothersfree creation..."Brothersworker". Exhibition is going to held at the LCX in Hong Kong on November 25th. Expect to see the new Brothersworker statues, the Brothersworker 12" figures, graphics, and the 911 set up that they did back in the day one last time. 

Some of the statues are available for sell, they are limited to 10 pcs, each stand about 32" tall priced at $30,000 HKD each that's about $3850 US each. Too bad that the Brothersjoker 12" figures is not going to release. Well, Monkey is good tho, one more character to go to complete the Brothersworker 12" series. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fools Paradise : handmade 05 - RAIN.

Returned from another week of business trip in Orlando. I'm a bit late on this but gotta support Alan for another round of hand made figure. This time the character called RAIN and is a new character for Fools Paradise. Pre-order already started....and ready to ship in Feb 2012.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Brothersworker 10th anniversary exhibition...

Haven't been update for a while, was busy for work traveling back to Asia...and got sick after returned from that hectic life. Received few pieces into the collection....will share with you all later. 

Mean while, Brothersworker finally is reunited again to create their upcoming 10th anniversary exhibition @ Hong Kong LCX from Nov 20, 2011 - Jan 2, 2012. Expect to see a new series, new works. Brothersjoker is finally going to turn into products, the first release will be BJ HAMMER in color version and mono tone version from the series. This got me so excited. They are busy sculpting some Brothersworker sculpture for the exhibition. Brothersworker is one of the series that got me into 12" figures, It would be good to see them release the remaining characters. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fools Paradise : handmade 05 - RAIN.

The last handmade 04 - LOWFOOL from the Fools Paradise series will start shipping next week. The next hand made 05 - RAIN will be coming soon for pre-order. RAIN is a new addition character to the Fools Paradise series. So far the poster just shown a 1/6 umbrella accessories from the figure. Can't wait to see more about this figure.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

The CC KING is up on shipping is set in December. More detail images of the figure after the jump.

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

The KING is coming Shipping in Hong Kong is free, the rest of the world is $330 HKD ( $42 US ). The figure is ready to ship in December by EMS from Hong Kong.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

2 more days ( for north America ). 1 days to go for Asia to order the 12" CrazyChildren King - Child. F. at on SEPT 29 Hong Kong Time. It is confirmed that the figure is produced by 12" topper "Hot Toys". More images of the figures is reveal by ML, specially the Visvim style slippers for the figure. Child. F. also has a long cape but is a window curtain. The figure head mouth can be open and close...once the mouth is expose the tongue. ha~ The figure golden box is massive at the size of 25 X 25 X 50CM...GROSS WEIGHT: 3.5KG. Is a surprise to see a 12" can turn it this way....look like vinyl..but is a 12" instead. More images after the jump....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

Just returned from Tokyo, and saw many updated pictures of this figure around the net. Finally reveal the figure and the price. Priced at $3300 HKD...($425 US) excluding shipping, but why exclude shipping? Limited at 800pcs and the order time is 11 days from Sept 29 - Oct 9 world wide at

The figure does look BIGGER than the 12" crazymichael and of course the vinyl CC KING. The throne look massive and the little crazymichael is a nice touch. From the sketch I think the figure head mouth can be open & close to expose the tongue of the figure. Hair is flocked, the gold crown is made by metal. Just price tag look a bit too much, it would be better if the shipping is included. Not sure if this figure is produced by Hot Toys again same as the crazy michael. I will probably go for it, and will have to delete some want to buy list items on my list just to get this piece. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Casting Shadows.........

Upon return from Tokyo, glad to see a coarse carton box on my office desk. This is the figure that I first spot it at the glimpse of truth exhibition in Chicago and fell in love with. Although the figure color and the kite is a bit different then the one at the exhibition, still feel that the figure is the one I saw at the exhibition. Love the feeling of loneliness, hopeless, depress and dark feeling of the figure.

Keiko. Sleepwalk In Wonderland.

Fool Paradise : Keiko - Sleepwalk In Wonderland is the new addition to the Keiko series, first release was the Sexy Keiko then following was Confuse Keiko. This time the design is playing the Winnie the pooh theme to the figure. Again the figure is make by resin with magnet for the hand joints. Pre-order start on Sept 27 priced at $180USD each, limited to 299pcs will ship in December.

Almost Normal X Michael Lau.

Almost Normal is a jewelry and watch brand created by Florance Yip (Mrs. Lau) since 2009. The name of the watch set is called "270 degrees", is a reference to the brand symbol, the owl, which can actually rotate its head to 270 degrees contrary to that myth. For a set including a watch created by Florance Yip, and an exclusive 6" Owl by Michael Lau in a box available in limited edition at Colette.

Limited edition of 79 pieces in the world for the Silver and Gold, and 39 pieces for the Pink gold colorway priced at $400 USD excluding shipping.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michael Lau - 12" crazychildren king.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of crazy children series. Surprisingly ML decided to release a 12" crazychildren KING "Child F". Even more surprise is that he finally activate his for ordering this figure world wide, starting from SEPT 29 - OCT 9. Price and edition size is still not available at this moment. The content of this 12" figures - Child.F, Crown, Throne, Cloak, Slipper, Little crazymichael.

Child.F - crazychildren KING vinyl.( curious to see how the 12" turn out.)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Back in 2009 the 1st  Dunkeys evolve exhibition Dave White just did one Pithecuse painting for the exhibition, but this time Dave White did 8 paintings for the show, here for the folks that wouldn't attend the exhibition, my good friend CR gave crazytoyzLIFE a exclusive preview of this exhibition and Dave White paintings. More after the jump...

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Coolrain X Dave White "Dunkeys Evolve" exhibition @ Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

With his distinctive street figure friends and NBA series 1, Dunkeys is his most loving symbol of coolrain. Last few years, we have seen some developments of Dunkeys concept and variations. Coolrain tried Dunkeys with robotic arms, stormtrooper, Hellboy, KingKong, Cyborg etc. Dave White collaborated once Dunkeys with rotic arms in Seoul. He really loves Dunkeys collections. Especially stormtrooper version is his favorite. This time, Dave White participated and challenged to draw all of 8 Dunkeys being exhibited in this "Dunkeys Evolve".So, the right title of the exhibition is "Dunkeys evolve with Dave White". This is rare case of collaboration between artist of painting and Design figure.

You could find vivid look how Dunkeys has evolved at present and will evolve also. Lots of interesting versions of Dunkeys this time, especially luxurious leather version and cute Dunkeys icon figure painted by GFX. Also Dunkeys in fine jewelries of Sean, Kim's urbandna.

Gallery Imazoo, Seoul
735-33, Yuksan 1 Dong
Kangnam Gu
TEL:02) 5457-1950

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The 4ft. wood pithecuse statue is done and stood in the Dunkeys Evolve exhibition ready for the opening today. Paintings by Dave White will also show case in this Dunkeys Evolve exhibition.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The wood sculptor Huh Yong is still working hard on the 4ft. Pithecuse wood sculpture for this coming Sunday the opening for Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White in Korea. Can't wait to see how this 4ft. and the 12" wood sculpture turn out.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

The Dunkeys Evolve exhibition opening is coming Sunday, two weeks ago I posted a 12" wood sculpted Pithecuse by wood sculptor Huh Yong. Here is the 4ft. wood Pithecuse in the work by Huh Yong. Again, both 12" and 4ft. Pithecuse wood statues is not for sell, is only for the exhibition. The one that is available is just the 12" hand made resin wood Pithecuse. Pre-order will close this coming Saturday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Joe Ledbetter - 12" Mutant Bunny...

I have few Jled figures in my collection, used to have Mr. Bunny and Fire Cat. But sold them few years ago. The Bunny gotta be his classic design. This time I'm glad to see the release of this 12" Mutant Bunny by Jled. Is a bit different and I have to say I do like the concept of it. 40pcs individually one of a kind design, casted bunny, hand painted by Jled himself. First round will have 5 Bunny available each cost $1500. This is basically getting a 12 inch sculpture and a painting in one. My favorite gotta be "Temper Bunny".

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wood sculpting Pithecuse.....

In preparation of the Dunkey Evolve, Coolrain is working with wood sculptor Huh Yong for a real wood Pithecuse sculpture for the exhibition. The wood sculpted Pithecuse will be showcase in the up coming Dunkey Evolve, pictures you see here is just the 12" wood sculpt, there is a 4ft. coming up as well to show at the exhibition. More image after the jump to see how to prepare sculpting for this Pithecuse.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Dunkeys Evolve with Dave White.

Back in 2009 Coolrain had his 1st Dunkeys Exhibition. The Pithecuse painting that Dave White did was the main feature of the exhibition. This time Dave White did another Dunkeys painting for the upcoming Dunkeys Evolve Exhibition, run from Sept 4 - 10 @ gallery imazoo in Seoul, Korea.

Coolrain x seman 10cm : Pithecuse wood pattern ver.

We first saw this Pithecuse statues by Coolrain Studio X Seman 10cm exhibition in the 1st Coolrain studio exhibition a long with the big versions. The statues is make from resin and hand painted in wood pattern stand 12" tall, limited to 100 pcs with a wood box package. 

Priced at $650USD each, max purchase is 2 pcs per person, pre-order date from AUG11 - SEPT3. ->PRE-ORDER<- After pre-order date price increase 20%. Since is a handmade item, so it need about 80 days. Like the design of this statue especially the clean shape, the statues is not just painted in wood but the sculpt is also have the wood textures on them, what even cool is that the little leafs will be added on the heart of the statues. more images after the jump.....

Friday, August 05, 2011

busy busy...~~~

I know that I didn't blog as much as before, even the collection photos can't even find time to take. Just being busy in life that's all, collection is just keep growing not decreasing. Next few months will be hitting the road again. Finally I fell for the Hot Toys Ironman series....and the upcoming Batman figures. Hot Toys is just on top of their games right now. move on...we'll talk soon.

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

Last painting for the "JUST DONE IT" exhibition. Last painting in the series is "Michael Jordan", loved how he connected this painting to the gardener "Jordon" painting back in CSBOOTH15. Been 6 months since last release from ML, something will be coming up soon....stay tune.

Congrats to ML of getting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Designer Toy Awards by Clutter Magazine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


crazychildren series always been ML collector favorite. The first series CC1-CC10 was released back in 2001, series 1 come in color & mono version and the capsule version, the series was an instant success for ML. Then from 2002-03 he released CC11-CC20, series 2 is still missing CC18. Series 3 (2003-2004) I guess is many collectors favorite....the S.F.C.C. series. I remember I kept each of the mystery parts in a cooking can during that one year time of collecting S.F.C.C. Then of course in the end...I gotta assemble that big CC30. 

Last year was the 10th anniversary of Gardener. This year is so mark the 10th anniversary of crazychildren. I'm looking for the release of series 4 and for sure will be new sculpt and new concept. Look forward to it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

A painting of Lance Armstrong added to the "JUST DONE IT" exhibition. I anxious to see the last painting for this exhibition..MJ. Check out Eric Cantona and Steve Prefontaine paintings after the jump.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coolrain : 20" Kobe.

Just received this images from CR, he is happy that he can be able to personally hand over this 20" Kobe figure to him during Kobe Korea Tour 2011. The figure is wearing an actual Laker jersey limited to 300pcs at $299US. First round release will be at SDCC at the ToyTokyo booth. Then on August 1st will be available at pickyourshoes

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

Michael added a new painting of Steve Prefontaine to the "JUST DONE IT" exhibition. The exhibition featuring quote from Steve Prefontaine, Eric Cantona, Michael Jordan, and Lance Armstrong. The exhibition opened with a Eric Cantona painting, now is the Steve Prefontaine. Expect to see MJ and Lance Armstrong painting soon......

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Coarsetoys - Shadows over paradise exhibition.

Coarsetoys is going to held an exhibition during this Taipei toys festival weekend in Taipei hosted by Paradise Toys. The exhibition will be showcasing the milestone of coarsetoys. Expect to see a new color variants of "Casting Shadows" during the exhibition. 

Shadows over paradise - milestones of a coarse life.

July 9 — July 17, 2011 [TTF weekend]
Opening reception July 8, 2011 / 7:00pm

coarse in attendance

Paradise / 17 / Lane 187 / Section 1 / Dun Hua South Road / Taipei

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

For the folks that can't make it to the exhibition. (including me)......courtesy of Freshnessmag.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.

Michael Lau been quiet for a bit since last year 10th anniversary Gardener exhibition in HK. Here is a new exhibition called Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House. Is going to held in Hong Kong from July 15 - Aug 16. Featuring his art works on wood with famous athlete quote like Michael Jordan, Eric Cantona, Lance Armstrong and Steve Prefontaine, sculpture piece and installation. No figures will be release during this exhibiton. Looking at the floor design is already having 4 different type of fields, track & field, street basketball, basketball wood field and soccer field.

Nike "JUST DONE IT!" exhibition by Michael Lau The Field House.
exhibition period: Jul 5 - Aug 16, 2011 
exhibition time: 10am to 7pm, Tue to Sun, (closed on Mon) 
venue: G/F., Secure House, 68 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK

Coolrain Studio 1st exhibition.

Coolrain formed his own studio called "Coolrain Studio". He continues to work on his own hand made figure and at the same time to create some new vinyl toys. "Coolrain Studio 1st exhibition" held at Square One Gallery W.D.S. in Seoul from JULY 1-JULY 15. Featuring figure and graphic works from CoolRain, GFX, Seaman10cm, Sean Kim, Lady Brown, Rockoon, Uptempo and P2PL.

The new wood statues size Dunkeys catch my eyes, the design and the shape is so clean with the touch of the leafs and the wood just awesome. The HellBoy Dunkeys and the Vader & Troopers Dunkeys is the other piece that look amazing. There are some other pieces that look cool. Not sure if this is the line up that Coolrain Studio will release in the future, but is good to see CR doing more than just his hand made 12". More images after the jump.

Fools Paradise - Confused Keiko.

The Keiko new version "Confused" 299pcs world wide. A new version not just change color but changed the head, hand, foot sculpt compare with "Sexy". A tattoo on the back of the figure. The figure is made by polystone so the weight of it is heavy. Both "Sexy" and "Confused" hands is you can mix and match it again. Is available for pre-order now at Fools Paradise for $180 shipping included, ready to ship in Sept-Oct.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fools Paradise - LowFool.

Here is full reveal of Fools Paradise handmade 04 - LowFool....figure with all the accessories. The hat look so cool, and the extra yellow glove hand is connected by magnet. Pre order start on June 24 at 8PM Hong Kong time. Figure ship on Sept-Oct. Priced at $649 with global air mail, $669 with EMS.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dunkeys statue type.

Coolrainz first introduce to us the Dunkeys back in 2009 with a series of handmade figures. Last week I posted about the new statue type of Dunkeys that look like a wood sculpt. Here are new series of images of the statue type in different sneakerz.....CR is taking his Dunkeys to another level..!!

Fools Paradise - LowFool.

Here more exclusive teaser pics of the Fools Paradise - LowFool pics. Is my first time seeing such big size hand made figure. The accessories that come with the figure is just highly detail. The whole figure body will be casted by skin color resin, that mean even if is scratched, you won't see any white resin at all. This time the quantity is less than the previous release Keiko and Zoo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fools Paradise - LowFool.

Fools Paradise handmade 12" 03 KIDS will start shipping next week, the next make series character will be LowFool. This time the figure is about 14" tall and come with some cool accessories. LowFool will be available for pre-order soon, priced at $649 limited to 30pcs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fools Paradise - Confused Keiko.

Received the Sexy Keiko from 27 : Fool's, cuz is make out of polystone, so it is a heavy piece. Again the hand joints is connected by magnet. The design is clean and well done. Upcoming is the Confused Keiko, is not just going to be color changes, but the head, hand and feet will be a totally new sculpt.