Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coolrain - Dunkeys Series.

Up for pre-order are the new series from Coolrain X SEMAN10cm called "Dunkeys". Available for pre-order are "Pithecuse" and B/W "Pithecuse". Each are limited to 20 pcs and is all hand made by Coolrain, "Pithecuse" is $500USD and B/W "Pithecuse" is $600 USD. 50% for pre-ordering, and other 50% before ship out at the end of July.

I like the B/W Pithecuse with that robotic left arm, highly detail and is scupt and casted by CR. Not to mention the detail handmade sneakerz. Cool Stuff...!!

To pre-order e-mail :

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tokyo Tribe 3 - Minato.

Spot this Tokyo Tribe 3 figure "Minato" over at Santa Inoue blog from Santastic! expect to be release in November. This time the figure are produced by Medicom instead of How2work. Because the previous 12" Kai and Merra are produced by How2work, and I'm still waiting for Terra. But now it seem like Santa Inoue are already starting TT3 figures.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaws - 4ft. dissected companion.

Yes, you know is coming..and here is. Priced at 37,8000 Yen. That's about $3912 USD. I want it so bad......

CSBOOTH16 @ barenomore.

Got this from Bill, It a little late, but is better than never. For the folks that are still looking for this figures. You can get it at barenomore. 80 euros and 100 euros for the SnakeSquare.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Michael Lau X Star Trek.

The Star Trek movie in theater May 7. Here is The Enterprise project that 24 artists customize the Enterprise. This is the one done by ML.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tim Tsui X LI-NING "The Revolution of Green".

Finally some news related to Tim Tsui, he recently had a crossover project with "Li-Ning" brand in Beijing China, and is called "The Revolution of Green." Tim did some installment and tee release at the exhibition.

Surprise to see the 4 wooden statues of Minic and other characters. Each stand over 6ft. tall. I like the wooden Minic and they should consider make that into a production piece.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DoubleLine - Fools Paradise.

My friend Alan formerly from Boredomsqueezer come solo this time and called doubleline. Going to release his Fools Paradise series soon. As many of you might know Boredomsqueezer are focus on hand made 12" figures. But this time Fools Paradise will be different, and not vinyl, is going to be a statue.

We saw the sculpting progress of
Zoo and Keiko. But the first to be relesae from the serie is "Kids". And it will be limited to 100 pcs and each come with a cert. More info coming up about this "kids".

Ashley Wood - Gebi de Plume.

Here come might be the last de plume from Ashley Wood. The first figure from 3A was the Nom de Plume, this time is 3AA exclusive 1st figure and is called "Gebi de Plume" desolate, solitary and in despair. This one will be limited to 100 pcs.

So far the de plume figures is the cool looking figures from 3A so far. This new one going to have a desert theme to it. Wait for the release date and price.....finally a good thing that I got the 3AA membership.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

LazyBrian 2.

Here is the new accessories that I did for my LazyBrian secret other than the six pairs of hands. I added the "Right hand of Doom" "The Samaritan" and the cross with chain on the left hand.

Don't get me wrong...I do enjoy the original look of the Lazy Brian secret, but am just having fun to do this.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Relaxing weekend....

These day at the company my staffs are working very hard. Because of the economy we have to work even harder. When others are slowing down, it is good time for us to run faster.

Finally is weekend, can relax a bit and hang around with friends. And will spend sometimes to open up some figures to take some photos.

PS: Mankac thanks for the white warm regards and the Mismo. Haha..I'm loving the Mismo.


Thanks to my friend in HK, here is my CSBOOTH16. I'll open up each one of them and smell the fresh vinyl and of course will play with it.

Brian & Brian......

As many of you know Brian was released back in 2002 from Bandai. The head sculpt from the Bandai one do look better, but the new version from CSBOOTH16 the overall body sculpt are cool. So.....what do you think~?!

Brian & Elsa...

No doubt Brian is cool, but Elsa is a surprise from this CSBOOTH16. ML is considering to end the Gardener vinyl series, it will be pity not to see the rest of the main Gardener characters being release before he end it.

Young Brian & Young Elsa...

CSBOOTH16 - Young Brian and Young Elsa with rest of the Young Gardener.

Lazy Brian with the LAZY CLAN.....

Lazy version of Gardener, look at them individually might be a bit dull. But to have the LAZY CLAN show up as a group is just cool. Lazy Brian from CSBOOTH16 join back to the clan. Hope ML will release the rest of the Lazy Clan before he might put stop to Gardener vinyl series.

LazyBrian secret.......

The secret version is harder to get this time at CSBOOTH16 compare to the previous event. This time the ratio is 25:1 before is 10:1. This is the only secret version that I got out of Brian and Elsa. But this Lazy Brain secret version do look a bit like hellboy compare to the Brian and Young Brian secret version. It must be this one without the eyebrows, and the eyes.

I painted the eye from white to yellow...and had some fun with the "right hand of doom" on him.