Monday, March 30, 2009

CSBOOTH16 @ Ningyoushi.

CSBOOTH16 is now up on Ningyoushi, all of the secret versions are sold out. Each Gardener figure are $90US, Snake Square they got all 3 colors each for $125US. Gardener secret versions are $190US each...(sold out).!!

PS: Happy Birthday ML..!! ~

Thursday, March 26, 2009

KAWS - Companion key chains.

Received the Companion key chains today from Japan. Each one stand about 2" tall and the quality is not bad. For me I won't use it as key chains or anything else, just is better off for me to remove that hooks and just treat it as a mini figures. The green and blue GID one are bright in the dark.....!!

CSBOOTH16 : aftermath....

Just finished CSBOOTH16 last weekend and this is a start for Gardener 10th anniversary at L.A. ML this time didn't follow what he did before for the secret figures, and many collectors thoughts that he will release Hellboy and Marge Simpson style figures, and the HELLBOSS as well. But he is only changing color for the secret figures. And the secret figures are less than before, ratio is 25:1 and many collectors didn't expect the number are that low.

Snake Square suddenly has a brown and black versions during the release, many collectors at the event wanna get all 3 colors. In the end all of the CSBOOTH16 products (each limited to 250 pcs) all SOLD OUT.

ML want to have CSBOOTH17 before the Gardener 10th anniversary in September. It will be a brand new series that we all waiting for. Finally something new and fresh. Better start saving now.....!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here is 1000%....

When I was asking where is the 1000%.....!!! A week later here is 1000% that I got from KAWSONE.


: Day 2, like we all expected is the Elsa and Young Elsa, also the secret version is changed the brown skin to yellow to match the Merge Simpson style. Snake Square was also available but in 3 color variants (brown, black and green) for the crocodile helmet.

More images at the crazytoyz : forum.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ashley Wood - Oyabun.

Ashley Wood
- Oyabun : Oya and Naga are available today for 3AA member. Available in a 2 figures pack (only 70 sets) for $300 (3AA price $255). And also available individually for $150 (3AA price $127.50). It will be available tomorrow for general public.


CSBOOTH16 : DAY 2. Today released Snake Square, Elsa and Young Elsa only..No HellBoss. For Snake Square it came in 3 colors for the crocodile helmet and tail Black, Brown and Green. Other than the helmet and tail changed color the rest stay the same.

For Elsa and Young Elsa, the secret like I guessed.....brown skin changed to yellow to fit the Merge Simpson thing.

There are also some white sample figure available for "BID". Starting bid price at $1000 HKD.

Uploaded more images of DAY 1 in crazytoyz : forum.

Gardener series STILL~??!

Gardener vinyl series started since 2003. Originally ML hope to finish off the series in 3 years. But this is not gonna happen and for him this series is very time consuming that he can't start doing something else that he wanna to do. In recent issue of Milk magazine that he have an idea that he wanna to stop this series.

He would like to know is collectors got any suggestion for him on how to wrap up this series. You can have your say in the crazytoyz : forum.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


CSBOOTH16 : DAY 1. Day one of CSBOOTH16 released Brian, Young Brian, Lazy Brian. Each version also has a chase figure. As many speculate will it be a figure that look like HellBoy with a new sculpt. Just like previous CSBOOTH...DJ TOMMY : DJ Panda, Prodig : Off World Creature, Jordon : TwoThree.

Here you go...this is the chase for Brian and Lazy Brian. For Young Brian just imagine the brown skin turned to Red...!!

Day two the Elsa chase probably turned the brown skin to yellow..just to match the Merge Simpson. Let's see other than Elsa, Young Elsa and Snake Square, will that be any surprise.

More images at the crazytoyz : forum.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

KAWS - Companion key chain. come KAWS again. 3" tall Companion key Chains of all previously release 5 years later companion. Each cost 1050 yen and available this weekend at OF.

Ashley Wood - Oyabun.

Previously blogged about this Oyabun by Ashley Wood, here are the images of the figure taken by Ash. Notice the head sculpt is the same as TK. But with new outfit and come in black and white. Pre-order will start soon at Bambaland.

Ashley Wood meets........

Ashley Wood is in HK at the moment, and we do have something in common. He meet up with Michael, Kenny and I'm sure many others HK's top artists and designers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

ML style is always leave some surprise for us during the event. I'm expect to see more than just Brian, Lazy Brian, Young Brian, Elsa, Young Elsa and Snake Square in CSBOOTH16.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where is the 1000%..??!

Received the KAWS OF dissected bearbrick 400% and Warm regards today while I'm still waiting for the 1000%. I know there are many peeps out there still waiting for their confirmation. Good luck to them. This is my 2nd 400% bearbrick (1st one is the dark wood), and it is lighter than I thought.

Ron English Grin is not bad, like it a lot. The normal version will release in April 1st.

Let's hope this week will get the tracking for the 1000%.

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

Let the count down begins to our CSBOOTH16.

March 21-22.
Michael Gallery
11/F., Lok’s Industrial Building
204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
p: 852.2811.3111

32 threetwo.

Holy Sh!t..It is first time ever that I saw 32 users online at the same time. Gotta capture this moment. Is my pleasure to share the same interest with you all..~!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

This coming weekend is the CSBOOTH16, from the previous ads we all know Brian and Elsa is going to release. Now we are also confirmed that Lazy Brian, Young Brian and Young Elsa is going to be part of the release too. The chase Hellboy figure for Brian and Marge Simpson for Elsa is still a mystery.

The package for Snake Square is bigger than all the others package, the pixelized image that we saw last time, now it shown clearly that it is the crocodile Snake, and also come with the Snake Hair wigs for Square....hahaa..!!

From this Milk magazine layout from Tomm, the topic it said "Landing in U.S - Gardener 10th Anniversary" presented by MINDstyle. Reason for that is because on September 29 (birthday of Gardener), there will be an Exhibition in Los Angeles
. Finally after 10 years...he is coming to North America.

Brian, Young Brian, Lazy Brian, Elsa, Young Elsa @ $450 HKD each. ($58 US)

Snake Square @ $650 HKD each. ($83 US)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Boxer 2nd Round.

The Boxer 2nd Round exhibition will be held at GallerydeVie in Hong Kong from March 12 - April 9. Kenny will be showcase his new painting and sculpture..!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

CSBOOTH16...we saw a drawing that looks like Metal Gear Solid Snake ads early this week. Here the pixelized image of the figure "Snake Square". From the shape of remind me of the 12" figure released by Medicom for Metal Gear Solid, the one with a crocodile cap. This "Snake Square" do look like wearing a helmet....and also with a tail.

There are some packages for the Gardener vinyl, from the shadow can you tell what it is~?? I spot Brian, Lazy Brian, Square and Elsa.....!!! Can't wait to see more.

Michael Lau : MINDstyle....twothree.

The MINDstyle "twothree" is available for ATS members now, have you got your membership? Because this time only the membership can be able to get the white jersey version. Anyhow, if there are any left over it will be make it to publice, but let's see if there will be any left over first.

ATS member Price.
1) Blue jersey version only.
Price: $150 USD + Shipping.

2) Blue and White jersey versions.
Price: $350 USD + Shipping.

Both versions will also be available at De La Barracuda on this Friday the 13th.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

2009 is the 10 anniversary of Gardener, as many Gardener fans around the world are speculating on what will release. In this CSBOOTH16 we might have some hints about that. Just stay tune and see. Or you can join our crazytoyz:forum for the discussion that we have there.

Picture here are Elsa....looks like "Young Elsa" to me.???!

Thanks Tomm for the pics.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still.

Another update from crazysmiles for the upcoming CSBOOTH16. This one I'm sure everyone know what it is, base on the world famous video game "Metal Gear Solid". This time ML used gardener character "SQUARE" to represent "SNAKE".

AHahaa...this look interesting....Hellboy, Marge Simpson and now Snake.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Kaws - OF companion bearbrick.

Finally...KAWSONE going to update their site today Friday, March 6 at 12PM EST. They will have the OF Bearbrick and the warm regards up. Good luck.......

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Michael Lau : MINDstyle...SK3.

This is the first box set for any collector and completist because Michael Lau has done it again with a super cool white and monotone exclusive version for MINDstyle.

The 3 piece set is packaged with accessories. The SK3 set proved to be a highly collectible for Michael Lau enthusiasts. As the original release the 2bb1 were randomly packed in different color versions of blue, yellow, green, silver and red. This is the ultimate set as it is the only box set with matching colored figures.

The set will be available to ATS members first with any remaining balance being offered to the public.