Thursday, December 25, 2008

I wish you..........

Before X'mas I received several packages of toyz, and been busy on moving to a new home and set up my collection. That's why I didn't update that much these day. But most of all is really hard for me to face is to see a close friend pass away before Christmas. move on and I wish everyone have a Crazy Merry X'mas and look forward to a better 2009.

Monday, December 22, 2008

12222008 - Happy Wedding..

congratulation to ML & is the 2 pages spread from the recent issue of East Touch. A group photo shot by Wing-Shya. It must be the grooms and bride's mates. Saw some familiar faces in this pics and of course their "crazysmiles".

Happy Wedding
on 12222008......

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nakanari’s Ninja Spiki.

(Nakanari) Tony's creation Spiki, the 1st sample pics that he got. It is special that I saw how this Spiki being created from the 1st stage til now, I can understand how excited Tony are. I know he got some changes needed to make for this sample, and I'll look forward to the color sample.

JUNO......hidden design...!!!

Whoever that got the Soft : JUNO : Hard figures set...did you played with your toyz~?!? JUNO might be wearing a sunglasses, but you might wanna remove it to take a look his true face....!! Yes...a crazychildren signature eyes.

Check the book that come with the set and flip to the page that show the figure sketches, on the top right see the Juno'll see this design is done originally...did you find it~? Have fun.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Coarse Toys Noop Show in Berlin 4010.

Got this images from Mark at coarsetoys.
Noop show in Berlin by coarsetoys just started Dec 10 until Jan 12, Mark did some new pieces especially for this show, they are all hand casted by resin and painted by Mark himself. The new piece with the dragon head is nice.

According to Mark, the first batch of Paws are going to release next week. It took a little longer during production. worth the wait.


Knew Tony (Nakanari) personally for a while already, am glad that last month when I'm on a business trip to Orlando got a chance to met up with him. I was so busy and appreciated that he drove down to the convention center to met up. I'm surprise he is wearing a Michael tee on that day. We had a great chat about Toyz and some other personal stuff. is the Spiki painting that you did for me and I put it right on top of my fire look great.

I'm excited for his Spiki figure project, Spiki is his original design character and Kusovinyl will release them very soon. Tony will receive the first proto and I gotta have him send me some photos of it.

move on......!!

After return from Hong Kong & Japan, I have been non-stop at work and personal life. Move to a new place with "P" and trying to clean up a bit and set up the room for my toyz. Here is a little corner of my room...still a big mess..!!

Recently received the Nike Air Crazy Force 1 and the Soft : Juno : Hard figures set. The concept behind the Air Crazy Force 1 is just amazing, how ML turned the shoe box into a mental hospital. Like the rough sculpting style on the crazy michael. The Soft : Juno : Hard figures set, I have to say the robot JUNO figure was a surprise to me. Like how ML turn Juno into a robot, Soft Hard figures not a big surprise...but cute..!! But look fun to display them together and have Soft Hard holding on the controller.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Michael Lau & Florance Yip Happy Wedding 12222008

My friend Noe V. got this wedding invitation from ML. It is truly a creative invitation and of course congratulation to ML and Florance on their wedding.

Is better to have Noe V. explain how's the figure and the whole package look like.

Apexplorer : ICE : Hand Made.

Winson received a long queue for ordering the hand made ICE, with only 20 pcs it SOLD OUT very quickly. Winsoncreation want to thank you to everyone that supporting Winson and his works.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Apexplorer : ICE : Hand Made.

Is been a while already after the release of the ICE on Black Adam by Winson, got an update from Winson that to celebrate 3rd anniversary of Winson Classic Creation he will hand made 20 pcs of ICE from the Apexplorer series. Figure also come with a snow base.

Last hand made Winson did was the Adam that he made into 10 pcs, this time he increase the qty. to 20 pcs so that a little more fans can enjoy.

More photos in crazytoyz : forum at Winson's section. Photos taken by Dr.Rebecca Lee from North Pole.

Update: Price for the figure are $7000 HKD ($903 USD) + shipping $350 HKD ($46 USD), need to wait for about 4-5 months. Need to pay in full now to secure the order.

Monday, December 01, 2008