Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

coarsetoys : PAW !!

A small numbers of PAW was available during the Noop show by coarsetoys at Rotofugi. The things that I miss out....manage to get them back. Thanks a know who you are.

JAWS will be available later, but PAW is available now and I notice some toys site has it but sold out pretty quick. Available in 2 versions "rainbow" and "blackout". Both stand 12" tall and limited to 200 pcs per version. Figure protected in a fabric bag surrounded by coarse foams packed in deluxe cardboard boxes.


Let the count down begin. Here are little teaser of the up coming JUNO / SOFTHARD figures by ML from SillyThing.

From this teaser I can tell that the
SOFTHARD figures going to look like one of their SOFT HARD super hero appearance. But for the JUNO might look like the character in the middle of his Lam Man Long CD single cover designed by Pat Lee..!! Stay tune for more update.......!!

PS: Thx Tomm.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


3mix X Kennyswork Gallery de Vie

The kennyswork X 3mix Gallery de Vie exhibition started. Check out the pics of the Mickey that customized by Kenny. The Copperhead Mickey gotta be my personal favorite. The exhibition will be until Nov 19.

Thanks Patrick from G-999 for the images.


Saw this pic taken by Tomm *Thanks Tomm*, spot that 3 boxes in the middle.....!! Might be related to this JUNO X SOFTHARD project by ML.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

mr clement - astrolapin.

In my collection I got 2 pieces of mr clement's work "Yeah Kou" and "Petit Lapin". VTSS do got his previous hand casted "Lapin". I find his design is clean and simple. This "Astrolapin" again is base on mr clement Lapin design but wearing a astronaut suit.

Look interesting.....does it come in black~?

Look what Futura have to say.....

Check out what Futura have to say about this Future figure by ML. FUTURADOSMIL is Futura himself.

Discussion started at Kidrobot forum.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3mix X Kennyswork Gallery de Vie

A crossover exhibition from Kennyswork X 3mix @ Gallery de Vie from Oct 29 - Nov 19 in Central Hong Kong.

Kenny will debuted a Mickey Mouse character creations and made a set of 6-styled nostalgic Mickey which includes: Rose Mickey, copperhead Mickey, Time in Mickey (gold and silver), Xue dao Mickey, star Mickey and a special Tee box set of Gallery De vie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KAWS - 4ft. black companion.

As expected is gonna release soon........!! I'm putting up a white flag on this. Kawsone don't ship internationally for this 4fter.

That is sweet......Happy wedding..

ML painting of him holding a big diamond ring and indicate "ka bay all" in this issue East Touch a spread page..!! In Chinese "ka bay all" mean "Would you marry me".

Haha.....just to support you ML....Whoever it is....."ka bay kui la"....!!

Nakanari’s Ninja Spiki.

Know (Tony) Nakanari for some times now, at first his Ninja Spiki paintings and hand made Kaji Cube plush got my attention. I'm happy to see that his new Ninja Spiki figure, because that's the character that I got to know him and his works. Back in March 2008, Nakanari and Dave Ouiles showcased their imaginative works at a duo show called "Technobabble" at myplasticheart in NYC. It was a successful show for them.

Here are the photos of the Ninja Spiki proto. Mai Hiro the new brand created by Tony will be releasing this Ninja Spiki by the Spring of 2009 at KusoVinyl. Figure is about 8" tall and be available in a few editions including the original black/red colorway.

Great stuff Tony, look forward to more update of this Spiki figure. By the way, I will be coming to Orlando next month.

...back on track..!!!

Last week trying to catch up many things that are going on at work and also personal. After the holiday is tough to get back on track. Anyhow, this week is much better but still so damn busy at work and also personal stuff.

Did picked up some toyz during my trip. Over the weekend finally got time to open them up and take some quick photos of them.

The next few weeks will be even busy....gotta prepare for the upcoming show at Orlando and also get ready to move to a new house. Is hectic...but that's life.

I can't believe upon my return to Canada the whole world changed.....economy is going down. Let's hope everything will get better soon.

Ashley Wood : Noir de Plume + Les Mort 13.

Upon my return notice 2 packages arrived at my office. They are the Noir de Plume and Les Mort 13 by Ashley Wood and threeA.

Big surprise on the double side printed cert. with the edition# 7/75. Also, the spray paint smell from the box, and notice they spray painted the box to black. The figure also came with a black 3A tee. Personally I find Noir de Plume look even better than
Nom de Plume. Black is always COOL.

Les Mort 13 produced by How2work and is using Medicom RAH body. I like the outfits on this figure very much. The head sculpt style is a little rough but that bring out Ashley Wood style. I'll look forward to the next 12" release from threeA.

Hot Toys : Dark Knight : The Joker

Pick this up while I was in Hong Kong. Yuiji, JC Hong and Hot Toys did a great job on the head sculpt. The head sculpt on the latest Bank Robbery version is even better. But I do think this version is more original.

Again..the head sculpt and outfit is amazing, gonna give credit to Hot Toys on how they pack this figure. It is very well protected the figure head. I bought that chair in a figure shop so the chair is not included.

Medicom RAH.

Back in the child hood day in Hong Kong when I was like 13 years old, I read a lot of manga and Fist of the North Star & DragonBall has to be my all my favorite even until now. Figures like this do bring back a lot of childhood memories.

Both DragonBall Son Goku figure and Fist of the North Star Kenshiro & Rei figure are using new develop body. The outfit materials and design on both figures is really impressive...especially the outfit on Kenshiro. Only the zip is too big on the figure, I think Medicom do notice that problem, and solve it on Rei, it has a smaller zipper.