Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today CSBOOTH15.5 has 049 Gardener JORDON for those pre-ordered to pick up (still have chance to get the black jersey twothree). Most peeps are concern the new white jersey "twothree" variant. The new "twothree" is available to buy at $2300 HKD each that's about $295 USD each. Yes...they are only limited to 23 pcs, so it sold out very quick.

Also available is the BMX Blazer figure with Tee limited to 20 pcs, it came with one small mug box. It cost $1800+ HKD for the figure and tee set, that's about $220+ USD each.

Today got some previous release available as well, like Mr.shoe, Mindstyle Future womax, Nike Pro figures set.......etc..!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

mc Jin

Every time I watch this video is just amaze me that how Jin (歐陽靖) a ABChinese can be BET freestyle battle champion 7 times in a roll. he is in HK back to his root to release his Chinese hip hop album (ABC - American Born Chinese). Actually he released this album last year in U.S. , but I guess is make much more sense that he release that album in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'This One's For the Children of Sichuan' Auction‏.

'This one's for the Children of Sichuan' Auction.' hosted by MINDstyle. Here you can check out all the items that they put up for this charity auction. There are 2 lots for ML and they are the Submilgaytons watch with a customized DJ PANDA starting bid at $800 US, the other is the 049X - twothree and customized DJ TOMMY starting bid at $500 US. Good luck to those that planning to bid on these items.

PS: they also got the Kaws 4ft. in this auction...but start bidding at $5000 US.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brothersworker - SEVEN.

Just got this update news from Kenny.

All Brothersworker fans been waited for a long time for the next release. Since last year we knew about the release of SEVEN. Now is finally became a reality. Start pre-order now at $1080 HKD each, that's about $138 USD.

This SEVEN wearing more like a street style of clothing and of course come with many detailed tools as usual. Like the new color scheme for the tools. There are few more characters to complete the whole Brothersworker series, let's hope other than working on their own individual projects. Brothersfree can consider wrap up the series by release the rest of the characters.

For your order and more details, please send e-mail to -

Friday, August 22, 2008

CSBOOTH15.5 : postponed.

First time in CSBOOTH history that needed to postponed due to typhoon. Well it will postponed to Saturday.

That's life....!!!

You fall.......get back up and up even higher than before...!!!

'This One's For the Children of Sichuan' Auction‏.

'This One's For the Children of Sichuan' Auction. Organized by MINDstyle. ML donated this M.F.J.K. Submilgaytona Watch Set with sketch and signed DJ Panda prototype for this charity auction.

'This one's for the children of Sichuan' charity auction and live preview will take place on Monday August 25th (7 PM) within the Delay No Mall in Hong Kong. The online auction will begin at 7 AM EDT on Sunday, August 24th through Live

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

Special thanks to my friend that helped me to get this set from Hong Kong. I really appreciated.

This Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer set designed by Michael Lau, the package is bigger than I thought. Way bigger than the previous SKATE:SHOE:BOARD. The track mug box is closed by magnet and is made by vinyl. There is also a tee that come with the set and the mug box is smaller. The figures is cool and the package is just simple plastic bag with header card, I guess that fit the whole old school style for BMX. Both figures are wearing the Lighting Bolts, I like how ML designed the dog with BMX head...haha..!!

I enjoyed the whole package.....figures can even display on the mug box.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15.5 : Gardener Still

This coming Saturday is CSBOOTH15.5 : Gardener Still. For those that pre-ordered the Jordon can pick up during that day. **Good luck** Still not sure if is going to be available for those didn't pre-order. There should be another surprise. I guess the first image say it all.

PS: thanks Tomm for the pics.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brothersworker - SEVEN.

Knew that the next Brothersworker is SEVEN since last year. Been waiting so long for this. Check out some images of this color version SEVEN. The tools color is a bit different and will look forward to see the full reveal of this figure.