Monday, June 30, 2008


More detail shot at the M.F.J.K. (SAMPLE MICHAEL) that will be release this coming SAT or SUN at CSBOOTH15...!! The hidden Damien Hirst face, the tongue look fun..!! turn to this hidden face, just remove the hair and twist the head....that's it.

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

4 days away to CSBOOTH15.......!!

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

(if you will take my images....please credit back with a link...don't just steal and photoshop...)

CSBOOTH15 is just 4 days away, here is a big update just before the event.

The first image is the painting that Michael did for this CSBOOTH, there are 3 paintings that he did for this event.

You saw the update about M.F.J.K. (SAMPLE MICHAEL) it is figure of Michael himself. Why call it (SAMPLE), the reason Michael like (Sample)..product sample etc. He like the raw feeling of it. And is a tribute figure for Futura, James Jarvis and Kaws. Michael used their style to assemble this figure. But now this set should called "Submilgaytona + M.F.J.K" it will be limited to 200 set.

The figure M.F.J.K. each look different and unique. Since each body part for the figure is all in different color. Head & Body is James Jarvis, Right hand is Futura, Left hand & right leg is Kaws, lower part and left leg is Michael Lau.
One more suprise for this figure is that, there is a hidden face behind the figure. Just twist it then you'll see the Damien Hirst style face. Well many peoples think that is a dissected companion style face.

For the "Submilgaytona" watch. Yes..the name might sound crazy. But...they are the combination of 3 ROLEX watches that Michael like. He combine those 3 watches style into one. Which is "Submarine X Daytona X Gardener". Each watch is numbered and Michael signed on the watch as well.

The boxset will be over $3000 HKD. That's about $384 USD each.

This is going to be a crazy CSBOOTH15......!!!~~

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

(if you will take my images....please credit back with a link...don't just steal and photoshop...)

First image is the painting that Michael did base on 045 JORDAN for this CSBOOTH.

There will be only one original gardener going to be release from this CSBOOTH15, that is 045 JORDAN.

045 JORDAN is a character that many Gardener fans are waiting for. What even crazy is that the secret version of 045X is number know who..!! Both figures got the official right to wear the NIKE Jordan I.

This secret version produce in very very limited number, according to is about 1 in 10. will be tough.
This Gardener 045 price is increase a little due to this guy is about 2-3" taller than our normal 6" Gardener vinyl.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

(if you will take my images....please credit back with a link...don't just steal and photoshop...)

The first image is the painting that Michael did for this CSBOOTH, the painting is called SK3, is a combination of the 3 Stanley Kubrick movies that Michael like.

As reported previously that this CSBOOTH15 we will see some figures that is tribute to Stanley Kubrick. Here are 2bb1, black white orange and fatwest jacket.

This is project suppose to release back in 2005, when Maharishi ask Michael to design a tee to tribute Stanley Kubrick, at that time he did a design base on this 3 movies. Due to other projects this figures set....finally will be release in CSBOOTH15.

This set is going to be called "SK3", SK is stand for Stanley Kubrick. The set contain 2bb1, black white orange and fat west jacket. There are 5 color variant randomly put in the boxset. If you want to collect all 5 color variants it will be tough. Each figure again will come with a card as usual for each gardener.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michael Lau X Giordano

A new tee released at Giordano in Hong Kong. Giordano is doing a tee project called "World Without Strangers". They invited 12 artists around the world for this project. This is the tee designed by Michael.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH15 - Gardener Still.

Thanks Tomm for the heads up. Here are CSBOOTH15 update images.

First image the figure is called "M.F.J.K. (SAMPLE MICHAEL) not for sale only for you." From this image, the figure look like assemble by different type of designer style..?? Judging from that signature at the back. This "M.F.J.K" is "(M)ichael Lau, (F)utura, (J)ames Jarvis and (K)aws"~! And then "not for sale only for you" that a gift or something...??

Second one is 045 Jordan, I'm expecting this figure to be a bit taller than all the other 6" Gardener vinyl. What even surprise is the figure at the back, the secret version 045X is Michael Jordan. Notice the background, that is 045 Jordan painting on a big canvas for CSBOOTH15.

2bb1: expect to see some color variant other than the orange we saw.

A little surprise so far....!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

Here are the figures that we know so far is going to release at CSBOOTH15 next Saturday & Sunday July 5, 6 at Michael Gallery. I'm hoping to see another Gardener figure that are from the original series.

As we are getting closer to CSBOOTH, more info will be coming up. Stay tune !!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

in my office.....

Part of my office desk....!!

WALL*E is on theaters this friday, looking forward to this movie. Got some Wall*E toys.....Wall*E and Eve...!! That bigger Wall*E can react to noise and start dancing.

My boy Oreo is being with me at the office these day. See how he like to sleeping with a food by his side.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ashley Wood - Nom de Plume.

Nom de Plume by Ashley Wood "threeA" will be available tomorrow 25th morning (Hong Kong time)......!! Good luck to me..!! Without the helmet it remind me Brothersfree " Brothersrobber".


UPDATE:**Nom was available in
JUNE 24th 5:00 PM my time...!! And in less than 20 mins is sold out..!! I'm one of the lucky 50...thx to Doze for the head up..!!**

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Michael Lau : CSBOOTH15 : Gardener Still.

Here are this week update for CSBOOTH15 GARDENER STILL that will be happening in 2 weeks. Previously we saw "2bb1:" & "Black White Orange". It is clear that this round of release is using Gardener to recreate them to Stanley Kubrick movie iconic character.

This week we have "FAT WEST JACKET". Obviously this figure design is base on another Kubrick movie "FULL METAL JACKET (1987)". The character Pyle from the movie.

Another Kubrick characters that is iconic, should be Jack from Shinning (1980) and Dr.Strangelove (1964). Let's see if he going to do them as well.

Like it or is the update for this week on CSBOOTH15.

Ashley Wood - Nom de Plume.

This Nom de Plume by "threeA" Ashley Wood will be available for pre-order on Wednesday June 25th at Bambaland. There will only be 50 editions of Nom, he will not be released in this guise again ever. Figure cost $150 with shipping by EMS from Hong Kong. A threeA tee will be included, so you can dress like this figure.

I'll see if I'm going to have any luck on this one...!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Medicom X Karimoku layered wood Bearbrick.

This Medicom X Karimoku layered wood bearbrick....Look real nice.......!!! There are several of them on eBay for $1000 USD.

Enterbay X Jay Chou.

This Jay Chou World Tour Edition B head sculpt look much better than the one I saw few months back. It look more like Jay Chou. Arnie did a great job on this to give him final touch to it. The figure will be available at TTF from Enterbay.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is this remind you of~?!

Spot this at TTF web site. One of the exhibitor name Steven House.

When I saw this figures first thing come to my mind is "S.F.C.C" series by Michael Lau. This is too obvious and even the stickers color look very similar...!!! Woww.....even turn them to 12". A soldier with carton box protected. Cartonman...please....!!!