Friday, May 30, 2008

James Jarvis : BxH X AMOS TOY : KING KUN

Just spot this at Bounty X Hunter web site, it is a combination of James Jarvis KING KEN + BXH SKULL KUN. This figure is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amos Toys. Still not sure when will the figure release.

BXH created some of the classic toys, like the Kaws Companion99....and their SKULL KUN figure.

**Alright..this figure look more like an official collaboration.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beyond - Wong Ka Kui 12" figure.

Beyond is a Hong Kong local rock band formed back in 1983, they first started as a underground band, but later on they work their way up to the main stream. Their level in Hong Kong is similar to Nirvana in the U.S. back then.

In June 1993 "Wong Ka Kui" sustained massive head injuries after falling from a broken stage on a Fuji Television game show in Japan. Wong Ka Kui fell into a coma and died one week later. He was 31 years old. His funeral procession caused traffic in various major city streets of Hong Kong to grind to a standstill, and almost every famous Hong Kong Cantopop singer was in attendance.

Wong Ka Kui...changed the Hong Kong music industry, he is passionate about writing his own music and he always insist not to taken another composer music by just re-write the lyrics. At that time..many singers in Hong Kong just buy music from Japan and other countries..then just rewrite a Chinese lyrics to it.
I grew up listening to Beyond music, since my older brother love them to death...that's why slowly by slowly I start to like their music.

To remember "ka Kui" left us 15 years ago, "Ka Kui" younger brother "Ka Keung" and Hot Toys created a 12" figure base on his brother "Ka Kui". Yesterday he held a press conference in HK about this figure. There will be 3 styles of this figures, the green jacket version will be produce 40 pcs only and is only for charity auction at Yahoo HK start on May 30.

I guess the other 2 versions will be available for public. I'm please to see the release of this figure in HK, finally...other than Bruce Lee...Jet Li....!! Here is another HK icon is being produce into figures. Is amazing to see a figure is not just a toy anymore, but became a lot of our memory and to cherish.

My brother and I are looking forward to get this piece of memory home.

Berties on the way.....

Ashley Wood - Berties is starting to ship to the pre-order collectors, my order was Dirty Deeds, so not sure if this will be my order. [Spot this from Ashley Wood blog.]

Next week, he will also start pre-order of his 12" figure "Nom de Plume" at
Bambaland. Ashley Wood formed a new new toys company named "threeA" with Hong Kong Three Zero...Mr. Fung. Look forward to more Ashely Wood toys...!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blood Diamond Da Warrior....0709 thunder..!!

Just received this Blood Diamond Da Warrior [0709 thunder version...check out the figure shoulder you'll know why..] today. matter how many version this figure going to have, this is the version that I like..!! Overall the figure look cool..with the black and red combo with some blood drip on the figure. The glossy football gear on the figure is a nice touch. 30 pcs swarovski just sick, especially the one for the eye. The ball joint quality has been improve a lot..!! No doubt...Tim have no problem to design a cool Dape.

According to Tim....this time Da Warrior will not have that many versions like the previous release DaMinci....and Bling. Hope that's true. Because too many version will just kill it.

Tim is closing himself in the studio now after the Paris exhibition, he is designing a new figure. I'm hoping to see something new....not another Dape..!!

Thanks..Doze and Tim for the customize.

another way.....

The oil in Toronto now is $1.40 a litre now, is just gotta get worst..!! That motivate me to get a motorcycle license which I always want to...and always find an excuse keep on delaying it. This is the one that I aiming to get....!! Let's see if I'm really going to do it this summer.

Michael Lau X Nike BMX [Lighting Bolts] Blazer.

Less than 88 days away to the Olympic in Beijing. China BMX team was qualify for the first time in this year Olympic. During the "Nike Looks China" Olympic uniform press conference at the Forbidden City. It announced this year China BMX team uniform is designed by Michael Lau. Along side...he also designed a BMX number sign, a special BMX Blazer...and of course a figure coming with the [Lighting Bolts] Blazer of himself wearing the BMX uniform that he designed.

For the China BMX team uniform he kept the China flag, yellow..and then add a dragon pattern for the design. But why Blazer?? According to Michael....he want to choose another style instead, but Nike only gave him Dunk SB or Blazer. Last time he already done a SKATE:SHOE:BOARD Dunk SB, and the history behind BMX is already 40 years, the whole project is kind of old skool, so with no choice....he gotta take the Blazer.

Nike did gave him a lot of creative space, you can just see it from the shoe box. His last Dunk SB SKATE:SHOE:BOARD...used a wood shoe box. As for the figure it is Michael himself wearing the uniform...the dog the same design that he did for the BMX number plate.

During the release of SKATE:SHOE:BOARD last time, people start lining up at the Nike flag ship store at Hong Kong a week before the official release day. Is because the shoe is limited to 106 pairs. Let see if this time this Lighting Bolts Blazer is very limited~!?! But for sure...this going to attract many NIKE & Michael's fans. Is look like Michael going to release this shoes with figure and the S.F.J.J. in JUNE....we'll see if is official..!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this is hilarious...

Ken posted this at Vince site...and I guess many of you can feel how that guy felt when that happen..!! Especially all those Kaws fans out there....and recently that Glicee edition Bertie..! Klim...why not produce more...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Post this for my friend Mankac, he is looking for this Kaws dissected companion print badly. If anyone have it and wanna to sell it....please contact me. He is willing to pay good money for it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

KAWS - 4ft. grey companion.

Available tomorrow at the Original Fake store in Tokyo. Each cost 255,500 yen ( $2472 USD ). OF will give out number at 10AM. Product will deliver early June.

Last time the brown 4ft. companion....I'm able to check out in Kawsone, but later realize they ONLY ship within USA. That's upset me about a day. The brown one was $2200 USD shipped in USA. The price might increase a bit for this grey version due to inflation.

Ashely Wood's Bertie WWR.

This Dirty Deeds version is more my style. Placed my order.....too bad that this Dirty Deeds will release end of June (according to Klim). For the Desert version will release in 2 weeks. Figure will ship directly from Hong Kong ThreeZero.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ashely Wood's Bertie WWR.

Finally this Bertie by Ashely Wood available at Bambaland, each figure limited to 500 pcs and cost $300 each. I'm aiming at the black Dirty Deeds Berties. Figure will start shipping at mid June.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "Dr. Cube".

Here is the special version of the up coming Copperhead-18 "Dr. Cube" by Kennyswork. This figure will be limited to 300 pcs as usual, this time come with a new design statue cert. hand numbered and signed by Kenny. Kenny told me that there will be a new durable package for this figure.

China earthquake support..!!

From Winson Ma.....!! On the poster "There are nothing much we can do now, but to bless and donate."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China earthquake support..!!

Just got this news from Kenny, and I'm so respect on how they use their ability to help the others in need.

This coming Saturday and Sunday. Brothersfree...William, Kenny & Wilson will held a charity sales session in Longham Center in Mongkok Hong Kong. They will sell their original drawings and also print Panda tees, they will draw a 8 ft. drawing in 2 days as well.

All income from this 2 days event will goes to the victims in Sichuan, China.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Luo Han.

I bought this figure from Taipei National Palace Museum. And this figure is only available from the museum. I'm surprise to see that many company and government dept. in Taiwan start using figures art to promote. This piece as well is to promote the museum but at the same time to show the Chinese tradition of Buddha.

"Close the eyes, see your Buddha inside.....Luo Han". The design is base on the actual Luo Han but give it a urban vinyl touch to it. I choose this all black edition. Other than the Luo Han, it also came with his student by his side.

This again show there are many "non-famous" designer...that no one mention..!! But they did some cool works. This piece is produced by Bright Ideas Design Co., Ltd.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "Dr.Cube".

Here are the new images from Kenny of his Copperhead-18 : Dr.Cube. According to Kenny that the figure will have a new material for the outfit. Normal version and special version are using different type of metals for the helmet, special version will have a new durable package design and a new design statue cert.