Friday, November 30, 2007

Michael Lau X Terry Richardson.

A giant size Terry Richardson by Michael.....!! The figure is for Terry Richardson exhibition titled "FROM RIO TO HONG KONG" Dec 1-23. This is Mr.Richardson's first ever visit to Hong Kong, and he will showcasing a brand new works taken from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he shot artists, famous and anonymous locals, in unedited poses. This figure truly capture the sense of how Terry Richardson behave....x rated.

That figure body it got all the articulation. I'm wondering is that a figure body by Michael?? Cuz, that can turn into another giant figure, perhaps....a giant Gardener.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe Ledbetter - Smash.

Jled new stuff.."Smash"..This one I like and I think is better than the RINGO Bear. I'll get my hand on this one for sure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

EnterBay - Arnie Kim - Enter the Dragon.

Just got this new fresh images of the EnterBay - Arnie Kim - Enter the Dragon figure version A & B. Both versions come with a spin door diorama packaging box. Good way to release them on Bruce Lee birthday...that's today. doubt they are the best looking Bruce Lee figures. Your hand made one is what I will cherish forever.


Monday, November 26, 2007


This week reveal is DJ Tommy for the up coming CSBOOTH14....expected to see a Lazy version of it. I spotted there is a 6th name in that image and is called "DJ Panda"....I want to know about that. It might be another version of DJ Tommy, since his face already look like a Panda. We'll see.......

Da Giant Minci...

Tim first show two 3ft. Da Minci figures last month during his solo exhibition at mixi-bang! & Grey One in Pasadena. Now he is going to release 38 pieces of this 3 ft. Da Giant Minci with removable masks available at his web site. Each cost $2000 + shipping ($550-$850 base on your location). They are made to order and take about 45 days for production time.


Gardener Still....this is what to expect so far.

- Prodig
- Young Prodig
- Lazy Prodig
- DJ Tommy
- Lazy DJ Tommy.

What is the DJ PANDA?? Better not be another blind box special version.

Let's see if we can expect more release from this CSBOOTH14.

**Special thanks to crazysmiles and Tomm for the pictures.**


More release from the CSBOOTH14 is starting to reveal. We can expect more Gardener this time, and that's why this CSBOOTH14 is called "Gardener Still". Is all about Gardener. Another Gardener character "DJ TOMMY" is reveal this week.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Let it snow.....

The first snow started yesterday.....just one night it make Toronto all white. My boy Oreo is all gear up for the winter...!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Two more weeks to go for the CSBOOTH14.....I already start the count down. For me I have two more weeks left to look for HELP. My buddy in HK who use to help me buy stuff from CSBOOTH is losing the passion in Michael's work already. Now it left me hanging but need to look for help again.

Notice "Young Prodig" mouth is different than normal & lazy version. Let's see if Michael going to use the same mold or different one for this.

Now..all we know is this Gardener "Prodig" is going to release in 3 version, from the past CSBOOTH used to be a 3 days event. But now this CSBOOTH14 will be a 2 days event. Will this event related to "Prodip" Project After Dark his UFO documentary DVD~??

I hope he will release 2 or 3 figures a day, that leave us some surprise.(just don't release NY FAT anymore) Otherwise...he might just release 1 figure on the first day, then 2 figures for the next day. There will be lucky draw again this time, my guess for this one...the grand prize should be that Nike Pro 20" figures and of course mix of other figures.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kennyswork - Project-18.

Back in September I showed an image of the upcoming project from Kennyswork of the 1:8 project of this Copperhead-18 DARK. Here are more update image of it. Look almost finish........!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bordomsqueezer - handmade MikuStars.

Pre-order of this 50pcs limited handmade MikuStars starting now.


Another hints from this CSBOOTH14 ads. Is this CSBOOTH14 going to be all about Gardener "Prodig". The first ads show "Prodig", second ads show "Young Prodig", and now the third ads show "Lazy Prodig". How about the long waited CC18~??.....we'll see.!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Another ads from up coming release magazine called "Hong Kong Walker". From this CSBOOTH ads there is a Young Prodig. Two of the Gardener vinyl for sure it will be "prodig" and "Young Prodig".

Monday, November 05, 2007


Notice there some tiny words on the last letter "L". They are "X'mas Lucky Draw". Same as last time each draw $100 HKD, you'll get all kind of stuff from stickers, tee, figures and some limited figures, I would say.....that Nike Pro Figures might be one of the grand prizes this time. Not sure if Michael going to change the lucky draw method or not.

*PS: Thankz Jim.

Bordomsqueezer - handmade MikuStars.

Finally Mikustars is finished. Check out the final look of it. Pre-order start soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Finally.......the next CSBooth 14 will be held on Dec 8 & 9 at michael gallery. The two days event will be called CSbooth 14 "Gardener Still". Expect Gardener "prodig" vinyl to be release. More news to come.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bandai - PutiPuti.

Bandai has invented a toy called PutiPuti, which emulates the sensation you get from popping bubble wrap along with the sound. Bandai designed the toy in co-operation with the real maker of bubble wrap so it should be the most realistic bubble wrap simulator on the market. But that’s not all for every 100 pops they throw in an ridiculous noise such as a door bell, barking dog, fart or sexy voice (i wonder if it is Borat’s voice)...okay I would have been fine with just the pops. The one thing this toy is missing is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you have popped the entire sheet of bubble wrap, which might have been a couple feet wide. The PutiPuti comes in 5 colours and is attached to a key-chain so: “Anytime, anywhere, forever…you can putiputi”

Vancei - Anakin Skywalker V.4

The 4th version of the Anakin Skywalker hand made figure by Vancei. He is just keep on improving the figure by adding more crazy details into it. My buddy waiting for this for more than a year, I'm still trying to get use to this buying method....!! Then he got the V.3 after being waiting for more than a years, then Vancei got other ideas to improve the figure. Guess what.....he send the figure back to Vancei to improve it. That took another few months.....What can I say....Vancei is not mass producing the figures. But the passion he put into it is just amazing.

Few years ago....I waited 6 months for my Arnie hand made Bruce Lee. But seriously when the figures arrive with that hand made quality, is worth it to wait for 6 months.