Friday, July 27, 2007

HOW2WORK @ Ani Com.

HOW2WORK is showcasing their current and past works at the Ani Com. They got some Nara Yoshitomo Sleepless night available. But sold out real quick.

The Ashley Wood 12" figure "Les Mort's 13" is at the show as well. The new member from the Moomin Family "Little My" is in the showcase. The character designed by Siu Hak "Panda & Amanda" made it debut in the show. With the success of the previous release "Monkey" base on another comic character by Siu Hak. The smaller version of the "Monkey" is so cute.

Future project : HEADSTONE X STARWARS....stay tune for this one.

**Thanks to my buddy Tomm for the pics.^_^.**

Art Idol...Ani Com 2007.

Saw the HK news last night, one of the daily story is that peoples are starting to queue the night before this Ani Com 2007 at Hong Kong (July27-31). They are all going for the limited item. In HK...some comic book publishers is releasing limited figures too. Especially from ComicsWorld, they released many limited figures base on their popular comic book.."Wind&Cloud".

Art Idol is having a booth in Ani Com. Showcasing many different HK local artists work. The artists that I'm interested to see will be Winson Ma,
Colon Ho and Mak Siu Fung. Tim Tsui is showing his DaMinci..customized to Da Bat Minci.

Winson Ma customize is called "Child Dream : Gundam Boy". Gundam is everyone favourite cartoon show. His design is base on that and the figure is wearing a Gundam gear. Too bad that Kenny and William didn't showcase any customize for this event.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


B/W.......wearing a Maharishi Bonsai Forest Camo jacket.

The king of crossover......SQUARE.

Other than NY FAT that released in many variants. Gardener : SQUARE should be the next one that come in different style. SQUARE is one of the best characters that Michael adore. He like to use him to appear in different projects. SQUARE became the king of crossover for crazysmiles.

The Hasquarem come with a hair that become a wig to the other variants. look.

HOW2WORK produced some great quality figures, the one that I got is the Tokyo Tribe 2 Kai and Merra 12" figures and the Hasheem vinyl. I'm still looking forward to the next character "Tera" from the Tokyo Tribe 2 series from HOW2WORK.

HOW2WORK got a new look for their web site and more information now. "Ah Dee"....the founder of HOW2WORK also having a blog in the site too. Just spot this "Les Mort's 13" 12" figure in "Ah Dee" blog. A new project that he will produce this figure for Ashley wood.

This figure look interesting to me and I will for sure keep my eyes to this one for my collection.
Ashley wood drawing style is kinda cool....check out his site.

**The skull head and the orange remind me Brothersrobber.**

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "DR.CUBE".

Kenny is now working on the next Copperhead-18 character "DR.CUBE". This is the underwater cutter for "DR.CUBE".

Some people thought there will be 18 characters for this series, because of the name Copperhead-18. There will be 9 characters in this series. If Kenny release one character each year, it need 9 years to complete this series.


MINDstyle Art Toys Society VIP Membership.

I do like this membership by MINDstyle. At least it give us a "serious" collector a chance to buy some exclusive products without attending the convention. With MINDstyle being the North America distributor of Michael's works. This will increase the chance for me to get his works without paying the mark up price from the flippers. I'm in for sure.

In order to meet the needs of serious art toys collectors, MINDstyle has introduced its Art Toy Society and revealed the details of the VIP Membership. Limited to 300 worldwide members, the one year $200 VIP membership fee includes:

- The convenience of being able to purchase exclusive convention limited editions (even if you're not attending the convention) -- while they last.

- Free quarterly product guide.

- Special limited edition releases exclusively for Art Toys Society members.

- 10% off all pre-orders.

- Plus: Two Michael Lau X MINDstyle SDCC exclusive figures -- M076 FUTURE and M077 WOMAX. These black on black exclusive figures are included with the VIP Membership and will not be available for sale directly. The only way to get these special figures is by purchasing a MINDstyle Art Toys Society VIP membership.

MINDstyle Art Toys Society VIP Memberships will be available at SDCC during show hours starting on Wednesday, July 26th @ 6 PM PDT and through e-mail to:

Monday, July 23, 2007

MINDstyle SDCC Giveaway.

MINDstyle going to host a lucky draw at the SDCC, and the prizes are worth $5000 US. Two of the prizes are from Michael Lau, but they are NOT FOR SALE items.

- Crylon set with exclusive Black on Black series....Value $1500 US/NFS (this should be the Gardener 7 years anniversary set, with the black NY FAT & Tatto.)

- M076 & M077 X MINDstyle Black on Black series....Value $300 US/NFS
(this should be the FUTURE & WOMAX.)

Is this going to be a customize from Michael?? What is available at the MINDstyle booth??

Friday, July 20, 2007


Signed by Michael and the actual athletes "Federer" "Kobe" & "Ronaldinho". This ONE set will be available at WeSoldOut sell it for 3500 euros. That's about close to $5000 USD. The set will be up on WeSoldOut on July 23, 11:00 French Time.

All proceeds will 100% donate to charity.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

SANTASTIC! Talking Hasheem.

Received this "Talking Hasheem" box set today. It contain a "Talking Hasheem" "Sticker" "Small booklet" and "SARU" Tee. A box with many goodies. I first spot this figure two years ago from "Garden Tribe" issue, at that stage is still a prototype.

This Hasheem is improve a lot compare to the past release. The main features of this figure is by pressing a "switch"......( the switch located on a weird it hard on that little switch....!!!) than it will activate 5 speech in Japanese. I'm sure he is not saying "how are you.....!!!" that kind of stuff. It must be something else..!!

Tokyo Tribe 2 story is finished, but SARU product is still HOT.....!!!

**Different type of Hasheem....formed a Hasheem family in my collection.

Michael Lau interview.

Just read an interview of Michael Lau from a China Magazine. Personally I do enjoy reading his interview, especially in Q&A style. For the few times that I met with Michael, I enjoy talking to him and his answer is always straight up and right from the heart.

By the way Kaho...Happy Birthday...!!! Didn't see you online.

4' Kaws companion.

Available at kawsone today and of course sold out already. Is too bad that only available to U.S buyers. Edition of 100 pcs. Look forward if Kaws will release a 4' dissected companion in the future.

Will BIG figures going to be a trend...!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Michael Lau : Nike Pro figures on Yahoo...!!!

The charity auction for HK is finished, and then the upcoming charity auction for this set of figure is going to start on July 23 at WE SOLD OUT. The lucky draw from Nike HK haven't draw the winner yet.

Spot this personal auction over the Hong Kong Yahoo Auction. This is not for charity....!! It is mainly a "flip" auction. When everyone thoughts....they are not for the public and the only chance to get it is by charity auction, here is a set on auction site. I'm curious to know......why there is a set available at the auction site. (when the seller is not the winner from the HK Charity auction.)

It is sad to see how they price this set by the HK charity final bid price. Well...$300 HKD cheaper than the charity set. With the Charity the market price for this set end up at $20000+ HKD ($2558 USD).