Thursday, June 28, 2007

williamworkshop - THE animal.

William Tsang- one of the Brothersfree member will following the other two Brothersfree members (Winson Ma - Winson Creation & Kenny Wong - Kennyswork ) foot step to debut his own figure works at the TTF. The series will be called "THE animal". The first character name "Lion - Leo". The product will be available in December. **I don't think the series is related to horoscope.**

Looking forward to William's new work and also the launch of his own web site -

giveme5 - Paulleung X Inspiration.

A new crossover project by giveme5 Paul Leung X Inspiration. It will be a 1:6 life style miniature. It will be debut at the TTF.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Michael Lau figure 10 years.

Just read this article in Yahoo Hong Kong about Michael Lau. -->article in chinese<-- Sum it all up..Article is about Michael Lau been creating figures for 10 years. The first one was created for the HK local hardrock band "Anodize". (one of the crazytoyz : forum user translated the article to English.)

I like how he answer the following question.

Q:What is the different that you notice in this 10 years?

A:"The most will be from nobody to someone famous. Being others idol. And getting OLD, losing hair....more and more things that bother me.

Before when I was still young, there are not many rules and I have nothing to lose. Therefore I can be a little more crazy in my works. From zero to I need to improve myself everytime. Compare to the past now I got more things to worries and the road to achieve BETTER is getting harder and harder.

Let's say....from the beginning GARDENER is more toward the Skateboard style. But I'm getting OLD, how can I go on with that Skateboard style? So I moved slowly to sci-fiction design. Or when next time I'm designing a figure, I can go even more crazy that people wouldn't even recognize is design by Michael Lau."

Counting my fingers......I like his stuff since 1998, from a normal collector to a crazy collector. Time pass really FAST..!!!

Michael wanna to crossover with his idol Tim Burton. Hope his dream will come true.

Around September, Michael will release a 8th anniverary Gardener Figures. Let's see what he is going to release this time.

Next year will be Beijing Olympic a crossover project with NIKE.....again.!!

giveme5 - Paul Leung - DICK.

giveme5 Paul Leung new handmade 12" figure "DICK". Limted to 20 pcs - 10 pcs will be exclusive at TTF, and the others 10 pcs are for overseas pre-order. This one to me is look better than JEFF, it got more character in it and look different. Hand made sneaker. I will be getting this....!!

**Thanks Paul for the images.**

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nike X Michael Lau Nike Pro figures.

Just posted some detail images of these Nike Pro figures by Michael Lau in crazytoyz : forum. For those peoples in HK can join the lucky draw by those just wanna get this, the only way is to bid in Yahoo HK charity auction. 8 days left.......

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nike X Michael Lau Nike Pro.

More of the Nike Pro figures. A lucky draw will be held by for a set of the Nike Pro figure. Play the game and you'll have a chance to win this set of figures.

A fun detail on the figure is that the material that made the Nike Pro clothing info are printed on the back of the figure. Kobe's tattoo are on the figure...exactly the same tattoo. 1:1 size Gardener Brian is wearing the Nike Pro gear for the promotion also. The package of the the camo that the figure wearing, and die cut of the Nike logo to show the figure camo and with a printed Michael Lau signature at the bottom.

Images courtesy of Tomm.

Nike X Michael Lau Nike Pro Figures.

Wanna own these set of Nike Pro figures by Michael Lau. Let's join the charity auction hosted by Yahoo Hong Kong Auction. About 8 days left and the bid is already put to $11,001 HKD, that's about $1040 USD. For sure the bidding price will go up more with 8 days left.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here are the final look for the 20" Nike Pro figures of Ronaldinho with a soccer, Kobe Bryant holding a basketball and Roger Federer holding a tennis racket. Each figure also wearing a Nike Pro appearl..(not real fabric with sweat-tech-stuff.) They look nice after the paint job is done and with the Nike Pro clothing.

They are not for sell, but they will be put on charity auction in Hong Kong. That will be the only chance to get it. They will be on display in Nike Store around the world.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Michael Lau & MINDstyle @ SDCC

Glossy version of WOMAX...!! Still don't know if there will be any new sculpt from Michael for the SDCC @ MINDstyle. The Black NY FAT will be available during SDCC as well.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arnie Kim & his handmade Bruce Lee art.

I first know Arnie's work in 2004 and like everybody else....I just say "Wow..". Then was my pleasure to be his friend in 2005. Really have to thanks to my buddy Sung. Then it was my honor to be able to own his hand made Bruce Lee. Each one I waited about 4 months to be finish. I choose the "Game of Death" & "Enter the Dragon", since they are my best Bruce Lee movie. I got both figures in 2006 and realize I didn't take any pictures of them as I always do.

The G.O.D figure that I have is the hand insert eyes ball version. With the light reflection on the eyes ball, it give the figure a soul...and is look like a real person in your hand.

With ENTERBAY, more and more peoples can enjoy Arnie's art, enjoy his natural born sculpting skill.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

HCCC + Possessed arrived...!!

Just arrive today both Gary Baseman "Hot Cha Cha Cha" & Luke Chueh "Possessed". Possessed is a surprise for me, like the painting at first and then now the figure that we all been waiting for 2 years. The figure is heavier than I thought, when I shake it....feel like there are some sand inside the figure to create the weight. That little devil that control the bear is a nice that curve wire with the Atari style controller. This is the normal white version limited 1000 pcs, there is also a black version limited to 250 pcs. Like the white one more......!!

Same as "Possessed".....Gary Baseman "Hot Cha Cha Cha" is also been waiting for 2 years. This figure limited to 500 pcs and each package are individually numbered, the figure is look better to display with the box. There will be more color variant for this series. Took some pics of them...!!!

Both goes into my one that will be coming to my collection, should be KENNYSWORK Copperhead-18 "DIG".

Monday, June 18, 2007


Prototype Stage:

It is another crossover figures again by Michael X Nike. Yes, but this time the figures is not for sell. Nike Globe want to do a world promotion for their line "Nike Pro". Michael designed these figures for Nike promotion purpose and they will be display around the world in different Nike Shop.

The three characters are "Ronaldinho" "Kobe Bryant" & "Roger Federer". Originally Michael want to do a 1/6 figures for this project, but due to production time and Medicom already did a 1/6 figures for the "original six". At last he choose to do this figures by vinyl. The figures are 20" tall, from the picture that Michael in it, you can see the figures head & body in proportion. According to Michael, the reason he make it to 20" is becasue they are for display purpose, so is better to be BIG.

There is a signature on the back of the figures, "Ronaldinho" "Kobe Bryant" & "Roger Federer" approved on the design. The figure will be wearing their own individual Nike Pro gear.

Will 20" figures....would be Michael next approach in designing figures~?!?! We'll see..!!!

images from TommGarden + Hyper beast.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boredomcity - TRUBEN + KEVIN.

I picked up both of these figures last month when I was in Hong Kong from Boredomsqueezer. The 2nd & 3th characters from the BoredomCity handmade figures series. I got the yellow jacket version of Trueben. As for Kevin is only one version available. Both figures are limited to 20 pcs and it quality is excellent and I do enjoy both of them.

Took some time today to shot some photos my Trueben & Kevin. There are still fews Trueben left in Boredomsqueezer site.