Monday, April 30, 2007

Michael Lau : X-LAUGH (6) keepYOURfingercroxxXLARGEandMICHAELLAU

Seem like there will not be any event in michael gallery. All of the figures will be on sale at Fingercroxx in HK and here are the date for which figure will be put on sell at double park store in HK.



May 20 - XLAUGH

X-LAUGH is the main character for this series. Figures will be available in X-Large shop around the world. England, France, Japan, U.S.A and China. Didn't mention anything about edition number for this series, but Michael's figure and it is limited.

Price is still undetermine for X-LAUGH, the rest are $599 HKD each, that's about $77 USD.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Michael Lau - mr.shoe museum (sample) at nike 706 beijing.

Nike 706 is the cultural experience dedicated to sport, creativity and self expression. The venue used for the grand opening will be the same as the one used for the Air Force 1 25th Anniversary party in Beijing. Next for Nike 706 will be the Mr. Shoe Museum (Sample) show by Michael Lau which will take place from April 28th to May 30th.

2007 is already half way, seem like Michael is starting to take a full speed.

Nike Mr.Shoe museum show, X-LAUGH(6), TTF with MINDstyle, SDCC with MINDstyle...and his own 3300' season two. Let's wait and see what he have install for us.

Michael Lau : X-LAUGH (6) keepYOURfingercroxxXLARGEandMICHAELLAU.

From my pass experience Michael like surprise people. I guess it will happen on this X-Laugh(6) figures. And I do like the guessing game on what he will release.

From the X-Laugh(6) sketches that I saw in EASTTOUCH, there is a sketch with (??) on it. And there is a blurry background picture there as well. I notice there is a 7th (black) figure on the table. If my guess is correct, it will be X-LAUGH(7). The 7th figure and the fingercroxx Ape must be the secret figures..........!!!

Speculating is FUN....!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michael Lau : X-LAUGH (6) keepYOURfingercroxxXLARGEandMICHAELLAU.

The XLAUGH(6) is the cover story for the recent issue of EAST TOUCH magazine. It come with a full sheet sticker too. Seem like the set of figures is not a mini figures. The people favourite fingercross ape is the secret figure. Is good that they are not blind assortment to purchase the set.

The packageing for the figures is using a vacuum foam is similar to the package of CC19 Junkie.
XLarge will release XLAUGH(6) limited tees and caps for HK only.

Get ready for the XLAUGH 6.
Find out more details in crazytoyz forum.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eric So - "Curse Of The Golden Flower" 1:6 figure.

Eric's new work base on the move "Curse Of The Golden Flower" a character that play by Chow Yuen Fat as a Chinese emperor. The figure come with a crazy outfit as I say......the outfit of the Chinese emperor by using gold thread....and the dragon on the outfit is just amazing. The dress on this figure is following exactly the same a real Chinese emperor, about 6 layers of clothing on this figure. Limited edition of 100 pcs world wide and come with golden metal numbered cert. for each figure. It also come with a nice wood box for this set of figure. Each set cost $3800 HKD that's about $480 USD.

You can pre-order them now at Eric's web site:

Set to be release beginning of May.

Images courtesy of : Tomm's Garden &

Monday, April 16, 2007

Arnie Kim - Favourite Art Figure of Arnie exhibition.

Got some pictures of "Favourite Art Figure of Arnie" exhibition at the Velvet Gallery in Seoul, Korea from April 11 - May 6. Arnie made a diorama for each of the figures that he exhibit. Check out the pictures. Arnie even make a figure of himself.

Arnie...too bad that I wouldn't be at the exhibiton to see them myself. Anyhow, congraduation on your exhibition and good luck on the coming release of the Way of Dragon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kaws - Bronze Dissected Companion Statue.

1st anniverary for Original Fake this dissected companion bronze statue by Kaws.......I'm just speechless...!!! I don't even wanna guess how limit it is and how much it is..!!

:: About 500,000 yen (5000 dollars) to 10 pieces (this is still uncertain). Weight: 8-9 kg. It is still uncertain if there will be enough to put on the market place. Cuz, if Kaws keep one in OF, then Nigo or other people will get one for sure. It might end up 5 pcs available for the market. Anyhow, there will be 1st annverary tee. This is CRAZY..!!!

Michael Lau : X-LAUGH (6) keepYOURfingercroxxXLARGEandMICHAELLAU

Here are the X-Laugh figures set of six pieces by Michael. The sets should be available in May. Expect another event from Michael.

Some stuff...!!

This is my 3th Mr.Potato head that I got from my brother. My brother like to buy me toys like this...something fun. Anyways, Spiderman 3 is coming up soon and this "Spider Spud" is look funny, wondering if there will be a black Spider Spud version.

Received a deck of cards from friend in HK, it was a promotional item for Coca-Cola Zero. Michael Lau designed the Aces card and Prodip designed the J cards. There are others two HK artist designed the Queen and King cards.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hot Toys : Prison Break - Coming soon....!!

Saw this Gap ads when I'm in Vegas, the Hot Toys Prison Break figurs is coming soon..!!!

Joe Ledbetter - Cluster print.

Never bought a print before, and I thought I never will. But I gave it up for this one that all of the characters is in one print. Available at KidRobot. Limited to 75 pcs signed and numbered by the artist.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "DIG".

A new character "DIG" for the Copperhead-18 series from Kennyswork. Again..this figure will release as special white version and the normal color version..same as the last one "DARK"...also come with a statue cert for the special version. A new head sculpt with new design accessories, helmet and the diving suit. The left leg of the figure is like a robot leg. Again....both version look awesome.!!

Some detail pics in CrazyToyz Forum in Brotherslife section.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday Michael...~

Belated Happy Birthday Michael.

Finally got it.....!!

Open up a package that arrive while I was away to Vegas. "Eric Kot X Bape Black Pig Astronaut 1/6 figure" manufactured by DRAGON back in 2003 and I believe this figure was released as a crossover with Bathing Ape as well.Honestly I didn't know anything about his figure until I read Tomm's Garden Toyz Book...."Power of Dark Toyz." Then I start searching for this black astronaut.

This figure is limited to 100 pcs world wide, each come with a numbered cert. signed by Eric Kot. and some accessories. Mine is 003/100. The figure also come with a photo log book by Eric Kok.

I'm happy that I finally got it. Big thanks to SUNG...!!

Boredomsqueezer - Kevin.

We are almost there on the handmade Kevin by Boredomsqueezer. Looking forward to Trueben too.