Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Michael Lau & MINDstyle @ NYCC

It is confirm that MINDstyle will be selling Michael's figures in U.S.A. During the NYCC available for sell is the 7 Years old Gardener Crylon set and some 3300' season one release. There is a special color exclusive for MINDstyle, it is the black NY FAT and Tatto with some black glossy black on it and some stars on the arms.

Expect to see more exclusive release from MINDstyle at the SDCC 2007.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

All Gone.

Just got this book "All Gone - The finest of street culture 2006". It feature about 180 collectors products launched during 2006: sneakers, designer toyz, tees, skates, collectibles.....

The book is a hard cover book of 178 pages and limited edition of 500 copies.

Michael Lau & MINDstyle.

The secret release from Michael Lau + Kaching brands + MINDstyle. My guess is another NY FAT in black and wearing a Maharishi black camo jacket. There should be a black Tatto coming with this set, same as the 7 years old Crylon spray can set. Checking MINDstyle web site, notice Michael became one of the artist for MINDstyle. We can get ready to see more action from Michael through MINDstyle.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tim Tsui - DaMinci.

Just arrive today is my 8-style version and Neon Martian version DaMinci. They are my favourite colorway. The figure is bigger than Bling and the magnet on the belt is a nice touch to change belt buckle. Wait for the NYCC version.

Michael Lau + Kaching Brands + NYCC...!!

Is Michael finally find a distributer in the U.S.~?! Anyways, there will be a secret limited edition from Michael for the Kaching Brands booth at the NYCC. Feb 23-25. My guess will be NY FAT with another colorway. I have a feeling that Michael is making his action to the U.S. now....!! Get ready...he might appear in the upcoming SDCC too.

Kaws - Cat Teeth Bank.

It was available last Saturday at the OriginalFake Store in Tokyo. Is a piggy bank......!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.

Is the year of Pig. Happy new year. Is always good to have gathering with family and collect some red pockets from them.

Simple white....prototype.

Simple always the best...~!! 7 Years Old Gardener....NY FAT & Tatto prototype version - limited 77 sets.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


See how I bring the Canadian weather with me when I'm in Chicago. Just want to finish up my business here and go back to Toronto. I'm drifting on the road...This doesn't look good to me.....croxx my fingers..don't delay or cancel my flight on Thursday.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Tim Tsui - Da Minci NYCC x MINDstyle exclusive.

I'm in Chicago at this freezing.!!

Anyways, this is the 6 variant of Tim Tsui new figure "Da Minci". This is the New York Comic Convention x MINDstyle exclusive version. Limited to 200 pcs and cost $99 USD. Only available during NYCC Feb 23-25. This version look better than the mono tone version....see if I can get my hand on one of this..!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just received these two figures from a friend. BunnySkull by Jeremy Fish and Billy Bronze by Sam Flores. They are the "get small series - San Francisco" by Ningyoushi. Like that BunnySkull a lot.

"END!!" Tokyo Tribe 2.

I first know Tokyo Tribe back in 2000 when I bought the #1 issue. I just hook up then on. 9 years to release #12 issues for the story of Tokyo Tribe 2 in Japan. Was translated to Chinese and English.

Santa Inoue created the brand Santasic! and did 3 crossover projects with Michael, and released 12" figures with Medicom and now How2work. Of course....not to mention...KUBRICK. Personally...I collected all of them for the love of Tokyo Tribe. I believe there will be Tokyo Tribe 3 in the future, but don't know when yet. Since the story is not fully "END".

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Santastic! X Michael Lau

Michael crossover with SANTASTIC! again after the Tokyo Tribe figures. This time is to celeabrate the END of Tokyo Tribe 2 comic. That's why the design of the tee is using "END!" and "完" is mean END as well. Each tee cost 5040 yen and will be available on Feb 10. at Santastic Store in Tokyo.

This crossover also show the friendship between Michael and Santa Inoue.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Boredomsqueezer - Walking Paradise

After last year exhibition at the LCX in Hong Kong for the Walking Paradise..the high fashion style figures. For 2007....Boredomsqueezer have a big game plan for this year. Move to a new studio, a new look for their web site, expect to see more hand made figures to be release and new works. I know Alan for a while since his CustomRoom and I witness the up and down for him and Boredomsqueezer since day one. Is good to see the fire in his heart is burning even stronger this year.

Full set of the Walking Paradise images are posted in CrazyToyz - Boredomsqueezer section. Check them out.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bordomsqueezer - BoredomCity sculpt

Seem like the sculpt are ready for the BoredomCity hand made figure KEVIN and TRUEBEN. The hat sculpt for KEVIN changed a bit.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tim Tsui - Da Minci

Again same as Bling.....For this Da Minci there is Hong Kong version, Japan and Secret version. Da Minci is big compare with Bling.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tim Tsui - Da Minci

New figure by Tim Tsui called "DaMinci". It is a ape design again. This time the figure wearing a big belt buckle and a weslter mask. Seem like there will be five versions to start with. Expect to see more crossover variant like Bling. Retail at $699 HKD each. More pics in CrazyToyz Forum - Eastern artists section.

My personal favourite is the Neon Martian and the 8-style version. I will get both of them.