Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wii + early valentine gift...!!

Finally got the Wii yesterday, I'm a PlayStation guy since the first PS. I choose this Wii rather than PS3 is because I can enjoy this with "P". She like it so much and I can enjoy this with her. PS3 maybe later.

Received an early Valentine gift from "P", a Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition. This phone remind me my old phone 8850. I don't use any function in phone other than the camera, so this is good for me. Anyways...I love it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Michael Lau - 3300' season one @ GPS

The Maharishi Version of the Future Pointman and Womax Pointman, 4 variant of the Off World Creatures, Gardener Future and Womax, Lionheart KIZUNA figures and the Gardener X Nike Book is available at the GPS. I guess the hand painted Wood NY FAT is not available for web order. The Future Pointman is SOLD OUT except the Womax Pointman and all the other 3300' season one figures is still available.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Vancei - Anakin Skywalker V.3

This look like a human.....!! But it is version 3 of the Anakin by Vancei. The eye balls can be move with a button. This is a SOLD OUT item.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

At GPS store.

There are some new cabinet fill with NY FAT and Crylon spray cans at the GPS store Michael's section. That red NY FAT must be a sample figure. What I like the most in that cabinet is the NY FAT sketch at the back.

The other picture is the family version Nike Skate:Shoe:Board belong to Hardy. Too bad that CC Bear is not release, I like that Maharishi jacket on that figure so much. The AM40/40 customize Action-Man by Michael is belong to Hardy now. Look nice with all the other S.F.C.C.
All these items and all others Michael's previous works is showcase in GPS, some not for sell item you can see it there too.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Maharishi exclusive of 3300' seasone one.

Today finally can open up these figures that I got from Maharishi GPS Store in London. The hand painted wood NY FAT limited to 50 pcs. 40 pcs sold out in HK during 3300' seasone one, another 10 pcs goto GPS store. Michael hand painted the woodgrain on each figure differently. Figure also come with a Maharishi jacket for the figure. Notice the printing is print directly on the spray cans, all the other NY FAT spray cans is use stickers. I put the previous release wood NY FAT with this hand painted version, can compare them.

The color combination on both Maharishi verison Womax and Future pointman is a big contrast compare to the black one.

Goodies got from London.

Got the Pete Fowler new 10" figure called "TRWG!" Love it when I saw it in London Play Lounge. The other one is a 2.5" figure called "Cleabus" by Christopher Lee....for some reason I like this design. This figure limited to 800 pcs and each is indiviually numbered.

Vinyl Abuse.

Just return home from London last night, it was a good trip again. Good to meet up with Sichi, hang around at the GPS store. Nothing can be better that I can go get my Michael's figure at the store, rather than from mail.

Anyways, Being a collector myself. Is supprise me to see I can be able to feature in a site like
Vinyl Abuse. I guess my passion on figures art will be with me until the day I die.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Look what I got in London.

Had a great time yesterday at GPS store. Meet up with the friendly stuffs at the store, is good that they all know me pretty well. Glad that my figures is waiting for me at the store.....I got both the Maharishi version pointmans, off world creature and the special hand painted NY FAT. That picture taken in my hotel room..when I'm opening my stuffs. Damien...I will meet up with you next time for sure.

I also met up with Sichi from Vinyl Abuse as well. Really appreciated Sichi to take me to some toyz stores to check it out. Will post more pics after I return to Toronto.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Off to London..~

Going to London tomorrow for business again, the timing is real good this time.....will be going to GPS store to pick up my figures. Will manage to meet up with some friends and visit some store. Be back in a week time...~!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

B/W meets Balzac Skullhead.

They have so much in common, black body white bone. B/W meets Balzac Skullhead......B/W turn himself into a paperbag man.

Chaos of darkism - Balzac

Balzac - A horror hard rock band in Japan. I can't feel their music. But personally I do like their Skullhead PaperBag Man. I just like this white bone with black body, I got the Medicom 12" and the Medicom 8" VCD figure last year. The Secret Base paperbag man was a gift from my friend....and it is my favourite Skullman. Recently I just obtain the Purple SkullbeexBxBxA from Shocker, there is a plush skullman inside the figure. I'm being very selective on Secret Base figure and Balzac. These are my favourite one so far.

Bootleg Michael X Nike Skate:Shoe:Board.

I just saw this bootleg Skate:Shoe:Board on Yahoo HK auction. Sell it for $700 HKD a pair and there is another one on eBay selling for $500 USD....of course the bootleg doesn't come with any woodtag, woodbox and NY FAT. On the other hand, they made a card board box with woodgrain. Instead of a NY FAT printed inside the shoe, these bootleg choose to put the word "SAMPLE" in it. Anyhow, the color on the shoe is darker than the real one. The printing and the material look cheap. Beware people.

Michael Lau + Crazysmiles = China Market?? Crazysmiles finally going into the big market of mainland China. We'll see......!!! Picture is the cover of the H.K. base trendy magazine Milk, this is their CHINA version. Michael's Mr.Shoe is on the cover.

Friday, January 12, 2007

2 years ago...2 years later~!!

I was in the Ningyoushi news two years ago when I first got my 12" Gardener Tatto Oct 26, 2005. I remember it was a big thing in the N-forum, I'm so happy at that time. Many N-forum users even PM me with greeting...cuz, my 4 years search come to a happy ending.

What make it even more happier is 2 years later this figure is completed with everything. My trip to HK is well worth it. People this is the #6 Gardener Tatto with a total different package compare with all the other 9 pcs. Michael hand draw all these on this blank box for me. I remember he held the box for about few seconds to think what to do with it. I like how he design the box with the original number on it and the Gardener logo. Since the box is brown....he added those line on it. I guess he wanna make it like wood grain style. Thanks again.

X-Large X Fingercroxx X Michael Lau

Here are the print design for the tee, can't wait to see the figures.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

X-Large X Fingercroxx X Michael Lau

X-Large X Fingercroxx X Michael Lau Collab Toys will be coming out soon. They will come in 3 different colorways for Hong Kong, Japan, and US. Here's a sneak peak of the matching tees. My guess will be each tee will come with a figure. 6 tee and figures for each country, in total there will be 18 pcs of figures.

Secret Base - SkullBeexBxBxBxY

Check out the date and get ready to get them at ShockerWorldWide.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Secret Base - SkullBeexBxBxA

This ultra rare SkullBee will be available on ShockerWorldWide on January 13. The quantity that Secret Base made for this figure is less. There is a skullman plush inside the figure. Come in gold and silver. The way they sell this figures is similar to Kaws, they let you know the day, and they sold out on the same day most of the time.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Evanescence live in concert.

This is my second time seeing Evanescence concert in Toronto. The concert this time is three times bigger than last time, also the stage and lighting are beautiful. The enegry that Evanescence has is just awesome. I had a great time with "P" at the concert. Evanescence ROCK....!!!