Sunday, October 15, 2006

To Hong Kong.....meets Gardener.

Pack all my stuff again.....and ready for Hong Kong. I will check in to the hotel and then meet up a friend in Hong Kong...then head straight to the Nike Shop for the Gardener exhibition. I will return home on Nov. 10. Then fly again on Nov. 13 to Atlanta for business.

Friday, October 13, 2006

“Michael Lau Meets Steve Prefontaine” Catalog

Starting October 16, 2006, the “Michael Lau Meets Steve Prefontaine” catalog will be available for customers at Nike Central Flagship shop and Nike Gateway Sport Culture shop in Hong Kong.

With Art Direction and Styling by Nike and Michael Lau, the catalog contains pages of gardeners sporting the Nike Holiday 06 Heritage Running Products (which were styled and ‘hand-posted’ by Michael Lau himself).

The catalog also contains some great behind-the-scene shots of Michael Lau. Also, Photography for the catalog was done by Jimmy Ming Shum. So for those of you who are looking forward for this Catalog, make sure to mark your calendars for October 16.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Gardener meets Nike at Hong Kong.

Just got this package this morning. These Gardener figures are really special....especially under the shoe it indicate they are for Invitation and also for opening. All Gardener figures are wearing Michael design NIKE SKATE:SHOE:BOARD.

I'm starting to pack my stuff now and will head to HK on Monday to see the Gardener Exhibition the 1st time. Then spend a week get all the business stuff taking care of, and then on Oct 3 weeks holiday begin.

Friday, October 06, 2006

7 years old Gardener @ dpmhi

For those that wouldn't get the 7 Years Old Gardener products, here is your chance to get them from Prototype NY FAT & Tatto come for free when purchase six color set. The maha version, will sell separately. They will also get some Wood NY FAT and Tatto instock....but not that much tho. Call them or e-mail them to leave your name on the list.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kaws Original Fake Dissected Companion

Just received this today from Japan, and I like it a lot. Especially I got a chance to saw the actual thing 2 weeks ago in Tokyo Original Fake store. This will be a hot figure in 2006, and just a note: Michael Lau bought this figure as well.

One more week to go, I will be going back to Hong Kong to see the Gardener Exhibition. Also, is nice that I will be having dinner with CrazyToyz Forum users in Hong Kong. Look forward to it.

Is too bad that I'm damn busy at work, planning for 2007. Otherwise..I will go back to HK early and try to line up for that SKATE:SHOE:BOARD myself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

7 years old Gardener + Gardener meets Nike

7 colors variant of NY FAT and Tatto. Each NY FAT jacket design are different by Maharishi, 2 different camo. DPM: Bonsai and MHI Sikh. You can also mix and match the jacket with other color. Nothing better than release back the retro version of the Tatto 1999. The first vinyl released by Michael back in 1999, the power of that figure changed our vinyl world a lot. 7 of them let's celeabrate 7 years old of Gardener.

Wood Tatto and NY FAT.....for those that wouldn't get the shoe. Both figures are another piece that well represent "Gardener meets Nike", this special event and the birth of first Michael's shoe design: Skate:Shoe:Board.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

michael gallery Day 3 released.

Today...the gallery start letting people go in at about 3:30 PM...then at 5 PM announ what will be on sale. It is a white NY FAT and Tatto set that look like a prototype and is limited to 50 sets only, package is also look like a sample as well. The figure is the same as the Day 1 release.!! The only different is in order to get this set, you need to purchase 6 spray can. Later that day....people who got this set, can line up and let Michael customize it for them.

Anyway.....for these 3 days...I can't get the shoes....!!! Most people that are Michael fans that line up at the gallery....most of them wouldn't get the shoes. And, only few that can get it. The rest is just filppers.

For these 3 days I just got the Maha NY FAT and Tatto set to celeabrate the 7 years old gardener, and I got both wood NY FAT and Tatto. That's it.