Monday, January 30, 2006

ShoeWork Orange - Mr.Shoe

While I'm still in London U.K. I just drop by the Maharishi GPS store to pick up this Mr.Shoe "Shoe Work Orange". Took some photos right away at a Garden near the store.

Bathing Ape Store London...

Went there but didn't find anything I like....the stuff there told me most of the good stuff is sold out within a day or two.

My favourite Mr.Shoe at the GPS exhbition..

This is from a Japanese Mr.Shoe contest winner...I like this shoe very much.

Return from London.

The week in London was good. Business and personal is well balance. Got a chance to visited GPS store and Maharishi Floral Store few times and bought some goodies there too. Saw the Mr.Shoe exhibition again.

I notice the side walk there are small glass, they fill them up with Mr.Shoe figure images. Met with Alex Nash again we chat a bit and too bad that the Maharishi Sweater Mr.Shoe is not release during my stay in London, otherwise I can save my shipping cost for that figure. I picked up my ShoeWork Orange Mr.Shoe tho. Have a little fun taking pictures at the local Garden beside the Bathing Ape store.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Business Trip to London.

Hi guys, I will be going to London tonight for business purpose. And, I will you see you all in a week time.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brothersworker - BIG MAC

That was fast....3 month after the release of color version BABY. LOok.....a 14" BIG MAC.

CrazyToyz Forum...

Finally the forum is up and running and I'm happy that Howie and Juila join the team. Is good to see some N forum member find their way here...and some new members too. Let's share our joy there...!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Michael Lau Forum.....

I finally be able to get this done. And of course is my first time doing a forum. Thanks Howie for helping me out on this.

Get a Michael lau forum up....

I know there some Ningyoushi forum members out there are working hard on putting up another forums. I will support you guys.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Arnie - E.T.D renewal.

Arnie - Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Hong Kong.

They are the figures that was shown at the Toys and Game Fair in HK. Arnie, I want them all.....!!!

Ningyoushi Forum is Closed.

This is bad news for us as a collector in North America. They should let us know few days before they are going to close the forum. Now I lost my contact with my friend in that forum. Anyway, I will update everyone with the latest Michael Lau news right here, with my friend Tomm support.

"Ciaomichael" drop me a mail, if you happen to be one of the visitor of my blog.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Arnie - visiting Eric So office.

Thanks for my buddy Tomm to send me this exclusive photo for my Blog.

Arnie and J.C. Hong is visiting Eric So office in HK, chatting about Bruce Lee and Toys, they are having a good time. By the way, Arnie's fans keep an eyes on the up coming issue of "Garden Toyz Book".

Arnie X J.C Hong

Arnie + J.C Hong = Magic

Arnie - Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Hong Kong.

Congraduation to Arnie a big success in HK Toys & Game Fair. Different media in HK want it to interview him and was amaze by his "Figure Art".

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Arnie - My hand made G.O.D arrive.

After 2 month, my hand made G.O.D. is finally arrive this morning from Arnie. He send this out before he left for HK. This will be the last G.O.D. Arnie will ever made. Now he will sell the renewal only. That's why he call this G.O.D. SP. and it is #7. I will take more pictures of the actual figure later on.

Thanks Arnie.

Arnie - Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Hong Kong.

Arnie must be having a great time in HK. A picture with some HK figure scene big players like Brothersfree William and Eric So. The one on the far right is J.C. Hong, and the staff at Enterbay and of course Arnie.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Arnie - Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Hong Kong.

This is the gift that EnterBay booth giving away during the Toys & Game Fair to promote Arnie's Bruce Lee figure. The book design like a Nunchaku and contain pictures of the figure, quote from Bruce.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Arnie - Game Of Death 12"

It nice to finally see the Arnie debut in Hong Kong. And of course his real looking Bruce Lee figure. This is going to be a mass production one is not his hand made one. The assessories list is nice. It schdule to release in May 2006. The price for this figure will be $300 US. Pre-order it will start accepting by March when their site e-commerce start.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Arnie - Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Hong Kong.

Just received this picture fresh from Arnie. He took a picture of his booth in Toys & Game Fair 2006 in Central Plaza Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong should go and check it out.

Friday, January 06, 2006

12" hand made Anakin Skywalker by Vancei.

It is getting even harder for the local Korean to get this figure. Vancei now is selling it to the person who can pay for the high price. If George Lucus know this, what is he going to react~?!

Detail and the Light Saber.

12" hand made boots for Anakin Skywalker by Vancei.

Some more detail shot of the 12" handmade Anakin Skywalker by Vancei. Hand made boots for the figure, he event use small needle under the shoes.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Arnie - E.T.D renewal.

According to Arnie, my G.O.D. Bruce Lee should be on the way to me. My next target is this Enter The Dragon renewal by Arnie. I was thinking to get it in the combat White outfit, but on my second thought this blue outfit is look better. Anyway, hope I will get this one soon.

12" hand made Anakin Skywalker by Vancei.

The figure package is make by wood and the box cover has a mirror on it. The package itself can make it a nice figure base by display the figure on the box.

Head Sculpt.

The head sculpt look so realistic. It bring out the dark side of the Anakin. I like how Vancei make the hair a lot. The painting for the head is so real.


Inorder to light up the Light Saber. The right hand are make by two pieces, so that you can connect the power from the hand into the saber. There is a on/off switch on the belt. The left hand are new sculpt as well. Well thought by Vancei.

Detail on the figure.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

CSBOOTH13 in April.

Another event from Michael will be happen in April. This probably will be CSBOOTH13. Finally...maybe he will release CC18.....!!! Which character is that going to be.....Hardy or Hatsu...!?!

Detail on Scar Predator.