Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Bruce Lee head sculpt from Arnie.

Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong.

Finally Hong Kong is going to have a Bruce Lee statue to honor him. Why after all these years?? Anyway, late is better never. The sculptor that did this statue is from China and he is a famous sculptor as well. Next time when I visit Hong Kong I'm sure I will take lots of pictures of this statue.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Basket Fortune.

Basket Fortune.

This piece is getting very good feedback from the show. And, the worst thing is that my design have to be given to someone else. That person who stand beside me is one of our partners in Chicago. Now, he got to tell everyone that he design that. * which is NOT.* Shit.~!! I truly hate the business side of this crap.

Spider Web.

For this piece is my first try on designing a character and then turn it into a vinyl. And, again this piece is a winner to Chuck'E Cheese. They bought 5 containers.

Ocean Carousel

This piece is fun is work on...~ And, is design specially for kids.

Ghost Hunter.

This piece is my first successful piece that I design last year. Chuck'E Cheese bought 200 units of this. And, we also selling them world wide. I love this piece is because the whole game and every part of the game is my own design with nobody else suggestion.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Returned from IAAPA @ Atlanta.

This year at the IAAPA show again is a good year for me. One of my design is having good feedback at the show. And the order is keep on coming, that's nice. My work schedule is packed for 2006 combine with new design on products and also some travelling. Let's hope I will have a better 2006.

The other night met with Pearl and Rachel, they both are doing good. I'm happy to meet with them, since I don't have that much friends. I finally got to know what is happen to Gwen, I will support her decision. As long as she is happy that I will support her. Winter is finally coming and the snow is everywhere. Stay warm everyone...!!

That's my buddy "Oreo" in the picture...!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sung's 12" Gardener MAXX.

This is SUNG new best friend. Michael Lau handmade 12" Gardener MAXX. After almost 3 years of searching, posting wanted ads on Ebay. He and I finally got it our dream figure. Anyhow I gotta give a big thanks to Juila for letting me know there is a collector in HK willing to let his Maxx and Tattoo go. I remember that day I was in Dallas, Texas for a business meeting. When Juila told me I was almost going to scream.....~!!! I remember Sung are looking this Maxx badly, so I contacted him........!! The rest is history now........!!!
Gary...the seller doesn't wanna sell both of these figures...but he got some personally problem...He asked me to take a series of pictures of Tattoo for him to keep...~ Is kinda hard for him to let them go since they already being with him for the past 7 years. For 7 years I have to give credit to Gary on how he kept them.....very good collector.!!