Monday, October 31, 2005

Fall sky....


Today is Halloween.....and is also represent the cold winter day is almost begin in Toronto. Most of the leaf is turning yellow now. I don't celeabrate Halloween since this day for me is kinda for kids. But, I do enjoy the atmosphere of FALL. When all the leaf turn yellow and ground is fill of falling leaf. Here enjoy few pics that I took during this FALL reason. Happy Halloween to all my friends..~!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Korean figure artist Arnie.

I really appreciate that Sung introduce me to Arnie's work. It is amazing on what he did to the Bruce Lee figures. Since Bruce Lee is one of my favourite idol, through out these year I saw lot of Bruce Lee figures. But, Arnie's work is just blow me away...~!! The figure is alive, I felt like that's actually the person and most has soul in his eyes. Is good that I know Arnie's work. Otherwise, I will miss out a lot. Just notice that Art of Toys took Arnie seven sample figures. Hope they will send that back to him very soon.

Monday, October 24, 2005

My new friend.....~~ Tattoo.

These days I get really excited about this figure "Tattoo". It is the best figure that I ever seem in my life. All the just amazing..~!!! From just looking at the pictures before, the real thing infront me is so different. I really do hope Michael will held an exhibition in New York very soon, I really wanna see all the Gardener in one time. During July I went to his gallery in Causeway Bay HK and saw the Mr.Shoe exhibition.....more than 100 customize Mr.Shoe. It is speechless...I'm sure Gardener will have the same impact on me if I got to see all 103 Gardener at the same time.....gonna have tear in my eyes....Here is two more pictures of my figure "Tattoo".

Friday, October 21, 2005

Michael Lau 12" Gardener Tattoo Arrived....

Oh...Finally this Gardener Tattoo is arrive into my arms....~!! The detail on this piece of art work is just amazing....When you think there are only 10 of these around the world. That make it extra special to own one. Having this figure is just like a dream come true.......!! Sung got his Maxx and we both been through this together, and now our dream is finally fullfill.

***OK..Phoebe...I will sell off some of my figures...!!!**

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dansha......great drama.... (((( ;°Д°)))

I remember back when I was still in high school, I love to watch those Japanese Drama. Love Generation...Long Vocation...etc.. After that period, it seem like the Japanese drama is getting worst. But, recently I finish watching this Japanese Drama call "Dansha". It base on a true story that happen in Japan. Basically the story is about a guy who like to stay home, surf the web, enjoy Japanese anime..have no experience with girl. Finally one day met the girl of his dream in the subway (Dansha). Since he have no experience with he have to depend on his friend in the forum. The story is good and I enjoy watching it and the soundtrack is nice too. The book was a big hit in Japan, they put everything from the forum into the book. The movie just playing at the cinema in HK but I doubt that the movie won't be as good as the TV drama.────(°∀°)────!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Street of London.

Eyes of London.

My friend Alex from GPS store.

Trip to London.

The trip to London is not bad this time. Business and personal both is well balance. This time I gotta see London myself. I enjoy travel alone and just wearing a backpack. This time I travel around the city by the "underground". Also, got a chance to visit the country side and see a beautiful small town. Of course, I also visited Maharishi and GPS store myself. I bought some stuff there as well. Their products is just amazing. I met my friend at the GPS store, he is the store manager name Alex Nash. Is nice that he show me around the store and of course we share the same interest, so is easy to click. Anyway, I will come back to London again in 06' February. I have to bring Phoebe there for vocation next time. The old style building of Europe is just fastastic. November....need to travel down to Atlanta for the next IAAPA show. Not expecting too much from this city.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Summer almost over......

This year summer is long, me and Phoebe got more chance to do some out door stuff...Especially we got our own bike. Is good to ride along the lake shore. Even though Winter is very cold, but I still think Winter is kinda romanic. My dream figure....I should call it the "Art Piece" hand make by Michael Lau...Tatto will soon to be mine...~ Yes, it is expensive......but, I'm going for it..~!! Gary told me he might not wanna sell his Maxx. If he is really don't wanna sell it...I think Sung will be very upset about it..Since he was searching for this figure for the past 3 years. Anyway, let's Gary think about it and hope he will sell it to him.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Michael Lau 12" Gardener Tattoo

Look like I'm going to have a deal with Gary. That HK seller. His Gardener Tatto condition is not bad...but, few things I need to clear with him before I make my decision on this. Sung is glad to see his Maxx, and also there are few things needed to clear before we both make our decision. 12" Gardener that is like every figure collector dream. A chance like this I don't think will happen again...since there only 10 of these in the world.