Friday, September 30, 2005

Michael Lau 12" Gardener - Tattoo and Maxx.

I finally going to own my dream figure by Michael lau. His 12" Tattoo. Is good that my good friend Sung from U.S. is also going to get his dream figure "Maxx" too. Now, I'm just hoping the seller will be able to find out the Boxes for both figures. This figure will not be cheap, but I know I can't just let this chance go right pass me. There are less than 10 of that figures in the world. And they are hand make by Michael Lau dring 1998, when he is not famous like today. During that time his release of 12" Gardener figure doesn't attract that much people. Too bad that during that time I was still in high school with no money. Anyway in the future I will be more selective when choosing the figures. Anyway. crossing my finger that this figure will be mine. And, Sung is going to have that Maxx, he is happy too and of course he spend the past 4 years looking for him. Finally Gardener is not a dream is going to turn into a reality.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thinking of Norman.

Everyday I always take a moment to think about Norman. Because now he is gone, he is only appear in my memories. There are a lot of things that I can think back, we were having a good time. Eating together...his concern about my job.....many many more. I know he love me and my brother. Also Phoebe. I always remember that day in the hospital what he say to me, and the day when I phone him and we talk for a long time......~!! I always tell myself, he is the man that I will never forget, and I will let my children know about him. He is the person that gave me the "father love" which I don't have since I was 2 years old. His love to us was short, but I felt that the love that he had for me is still being with me, and I get use to think of him everyday, and I still remember the day at the hospital he told me that "Don't worry your life is just keep getting better". Norman I know you are up there somewhere looking at me.......I will get better and I learned the meaning of life. I love you.

Today finally come.

Just came back from Dallas, Gene Cramm was nice and we had a good meeting. Especially I came back to Canada with an P.O.
I finally got my G license before I head to Dallas, I think money play a big part in my road test. No matter how good you drive, no will fail. Anyway, I don't have to do any road test ever again. That's good.
My dream figure Gardener by Michael Lau....someone want it to sell it. And, I'm still consider it since the figure is not cheap. Is just a matter will I ever be able to come across with another one ever again.? I like the Character "Tattoo" and "Brian". They are my dream figure that I wanna to own one before I die. But, I girl friend will be seriously MAD if I got one. *sigh*.......that figure mean a lot to me......anyway, is hard to explain my interest in few words.

Friday, September 23, 2005

LamBall - Color Variants.

Hasquaremo sold out..

Lucky that I will have one of this guy.


Is disappoint to see that LAMDOG SET cost that much $2200 HKD. Anyway..I don't think I will get that set. But, I got 2 for me and one for my brother. Here is some pics of the LAMDOG SET.....~ Um..will I be regret later not to buy this set....!!

Happy to get to know a new friend from the U.S. Howie, he is a guy that share the same interest like me. Well, this interest let me know make a lot of friends around the world. Anyway DAY 2 coming up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Michael Lau in CrazySmiles Team. This going to turn into figure. There will other 8 players and we will find out who on friday.


Got this figure yesterday from Toys2, this guy name "Hasheem". Standing next to him is the Kubrick version. He is a character from the Japan manga "Tokyo Tribe 2". I dig this comic very much, maybe is because they are gang related. Santa Isoue is a great artist. The person who did this figure is call "Ah Dee" from How2work, I like his head sculpt and sculptor. This figure quality is top norch. He also did the 12" Tokyo Tribe figure head sculpt too. I think toy lover out there should keep an eye on this guy "Ah Dee" from How2work.

Speaking of Toys2, I really admire Eric, the owner of Toys2. He and his wife work together in that toy shop. Nothing is better that you can turn your interest into business. Also, you are working with your love one in the toy store. This is like only happen in a drama show. Also, they both share the same interest "toys". One of my dream is to open up a toys store, where all the people who share your same interest will come in and choose their favourite toys. But, on my second the time when I turn my interest into business...thing might not be the same.

That G license is still haunted me everyday.....~ I don't have any confident now.....maybe is because I failed 2 time in a roll. How come something that I did for my past 2 1/2 years. Suddenly turn into something that is very hard for me to do.....*Sign*.......just worry about this on just be happy and look forward to Michael Lau CSBOOTH12.

I'm being very lazy at work these day. IS good that the engineer send me an e-mail ask me for the design. With a dead line I can get that stuff done within today. Designer is always like this, have to work under a tight deadline.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog started~!!!

Ok...this would work..~ My personal blog...~!!! This month is not a good month for me....~ That G license drive me nuts. Let me tell you it is crazy, I can not be that bad luck ever again. By the way, next Monday is my 3rd try. This time...I will just take it easy..~ Maybe is beacuse I failed 2, I should push myself too hard and feel so upset about it ~ I know I shouldn't take it too serious about this. At least I got 2 more chance after my license expire..~

Then Phoebe have to drive me everywhere I go.
Next Tuesday going to meet the big guy in the industry..Gene Cramm by myself to Dallas Texas. I will come back on Wednesday. This few month going to have lot of travelling to do....I'm a home style of guy....and still I miss playing my toyz. CSBOOTH12 is just around the corner. Sept 23-25.........More figures coming on my way...and more MONEY will be spend$.. I will work hard to earn it back.

Jan Lamb new CD "30'mething" is very good, I like it very much. Is in my car CD player everyday. He still cool after all this year, he is still trendy and of course being creative.

Wish me luck......Let me get that damn G license.