Friday, December 30, 2005

Good news for all Michael Lau fans in 2006.

Michael is decided to release 12" figure in 2006. He also have a lot of new products coming in 2006....(hope that's include CC18.) I think it is a good news for all Michael Lau's fans around the world.

**Seem like this 12" project from Michael is being cancel....** Anyway..he might give us a surprise in 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brothersworker - Hand made BABY

I find this BABY in Taiwan Yahoo, I didn't buy this one since I already have 2 BABY and wanna buy something else instead. So I pass this BABY to SUNG and of course he bought it. Here is the picture of this Hand Made BABY by Brothersfree.

Arnie - new Bruce Lee head sculpt.

LamBall Team.

CS Team.


Each michael are wearing the CS Team jeresy, the same one that CS team was wearing during the LamDog Cup in Hong Kong. Notice the body sculpt on the #1 michal is different than the rest of the michael. It has a hand at the front chest, cuz that one is the goaltender. Each michae has a different jeresy number at the back. The CS one is the COACH of CS team.

CS & LamBall field.

ML drawing & LamBall set.

Bring it on !!! & Penalty Shot...!

You are out...!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

LamBall X CS Soccer Deluxe Box Set arrive.

Here is my two big boxset of the LamBall and CS Soccer deluxe box Set, I will open them up now and share my comments with you guys. PS. The box is big.......!!

Opening my CS Soccer Team Deluxe Boxset.

When I open up the carton box, I realize the quality of the box is good. Is nice and hard cardboard stock. I open up the first cover there is another cover inside the box, when I flip that cover over I realize that is the soccer field base. Is good that they put all the figures inside this one big box without packing them seperately. Each base has magnet to stick together, that's nice. And there is a piece of sticker for you to put around the field base. Under each base, there is a LamBall mark on it. It is better than I thought. My only complaint to this set is the michael figure, most of their shoe, jeresy and face is got some dirt on it. 2 figures can't stand on their own.....**hair dryer job needed for them...!!

Opening my LamBall Deluxe Boxset.

Again for this boxset it has 2 box cover. The inner one if you filp over you can put all the base inside, together with the CS Team base can be assemble into a soccer field. The quality of the figure for this boxset is good. But, my only complain is one of my base, it missing the magnet. Overall the figure quality is better than the CS Team.

LamBall....LamCoach & Dead Whistle.

The size of this two figure is big. I like Michael rough imperfection style on his work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Garden Magazine 06 SPRING issue coming up.

My #7 ShoeTrooper from Michael.

This is the Mr.Shoe bookset with poster. Michael signed everything for me....and draw on the Mr.Shoe package....~!!

My #7 ShoeTrooper from Michael.

My #7 ShoeTrooper from Michael.

This is the #7 ShoeTroopers that I got from SIXS gallery back in July 9, when I had a business trip back to Hong Kong. My birthday and also the last day of the Mr.Shoe exhibition in HK. I met Michael on that day and he sign everything for me. #7 is always my lucky number, it is extra special that I got the #7 ShoeTroopers. Anyway, I have to thanks CAT for making this possible for me to get it. ShoeTroopers is limited to 25 pcs, all hand painted, numbered and autograph by Michael Lau. It is a lucky draw method to obtain this set by purchase the Mr.Shoe book set $600 HKD.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hand made 12" Anakin Skywalker

Hand made 12" Anakin Skywalker

Hand made 12" Anakin Skywalker

Hand made 12" Anakin Skywalker

Hand made 12" Anakin Skywalker

A Korean figure designer "Vancei" make this 12" Anakin. Look at the detail and that light saber. It can actually light up. This figure is even better than the Medicom one. Also, it is 100X better than the upcoming Side Show Collectiable 12" Anakin. The figure is limited to 20 pcs and "Bansei" is only selling these piece to his close friends. Korea have a lot of talented figure designer.

Arnie - new G.O.D. head sculpt.

Arnie - new G.O.D. head sculpt.

This is the new head sculpt by Arnie Kim. This one different than the one he did before. His G.O.D. Bruce that he did before was to insert the eye balls. But, this new one is a whole head sculpt. I always say this here..."he bring Bruce back to life.!!"...~ I'm still waiting for Arnie to send me the G.O.D Bruce......I'm so looking forward to that..!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Michael's cabinet in michael gallery...


This is a ping pong ball set designed by Michael. They are not for sell.

Lebron James Mr.Shoe set and others.

Mr.Shoe series.


Tattoo sample.


CAT - S.F.B.B. - Meter Chen...and ??



Mr.A - Mr.B - Woo.C - CCKing.


Undelivery S.F.C.C. + S.F.L.M.F

S.F.C.C. Undelivery..CC21 & 22...And. S.F.L.M.F....~ Notice that small Carton box design of the CC30.

S.F.C.C. Series.

S.F.C.C. Series. Notice the CC30 that Michael have is all in light brown color.

1/6 scale Maharishi Gardener exhibition tee.

The 1/6 scale of the Maharishi re(present) Michael Lau Gardener exhibition Tee.

6" Gardener.

6" Gardener.


Previous released of the LamDog. Notice at the back there is a 12" LamDog.

Friday, December 16, 2005

KAWS X PUSHEAD companion.

I find an eye ball that I got in Atlanta. It totally fit with this figure.

My KAWS collection..

KAWS companion 5yrs later.

Merry Christmas..!!

KAWS black CHUM with Kaws autograph.


Just received yesterday from Japan. Thanks to Toshiya to help me out with no profit. This KAWS X PUSHEAD is limited to 150 pcs. The detail on this figure is more than a toy, this is an art piece. Well...Phoebe think this is the ugly and scary figure that I ever bought.